Highlights of the union demonstrations in Luxembourg

May Day was marked by the common actions of the two largest unions in Luxembourg, the OGBL and the LCGB. And although the views and rhetoric of the leaders of the movements differ in many respects, there are also areas of agreement.

Highlights of the union demonstrations in Luxembourg

For example, both organizations consider the need for reforms in the real estate sector, improvement of the health system and a consistent movement towards higher wages.

But the OGBL is more demanding when it comes to the issue of money. The union's thinking goes back to 2015. That's when the first discussions about indexation began. After numerous negotiations, the first tri-partite agreement was signed last year and indexation became systematic. However, the OGBL is still demanding wage increases of at least 10% at a time. According to Nora Back, the leader of the OGBL, this measure is justified and fair.

Nora Back has also expressed her full support for the French people who are in the midst of another strike against the pension reform. At the same time, Luxembourg's employers are of the view that there will be no change for the worse in the country's pension system. On the other hand, the country needs improvements due to the growing risk of poverty among pensioners.

The issue of housing has not been ignored either. Speculating on real estate remains one of the most pressing problems facing the Grand Duchy. In addition, the trade unions are still in favour of state regulation of the sector.

The OGBL also mobilized several thousand people for a demonstration on May Day last year.