Inclusive education must come sooner

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Inclusive education must come sooner

The Minister of Education,‪ Claude Meisch, has spoken out against the stretched deadlines for including children with disabilities in the educational process. All the formalities and procedures now take about 10 months. The politician considers this to be unacceptable.

The new bill, which is to be submitted for consideration in the near future, concerns children with visual, hearing, functional, and motor disorders, as well as children with speech disorders.

The law will oblige institutions to establish a primary diagnosis in just 4 weeks for primary and secondary education. Additional training in the skills centers in the country must be provided for up to three months. After that, special care must be provided immediately. Clarification of the diagnosis or a more detailed examination will take place afterward.

Inclusive education has taken a big step forward. Since 2015, more than 700 teaching jobs have been created, doubling the number of professionals that work with special needs. Investments in inclusive education have increased by 57.58%, from 54.9 million euros to 86.6 million euros in seven years.

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