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Top universities in Luxembourg

This article features the top universities in Luxembourg for international and local students. We'll provide valuable advice on selecting the best university and the visa requirements you'll need to navigate.

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Choosing the right university to study at is a decision worth your careful consideration. Making this choice is often no easy task, given the wide array of options available in many countries worldwide. But if you live or want to live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, there are several higher education facilities to choose from.

How many people come to Luxembourg to study?

Luxembourg, being a relatively small country, boasts a moderately sized selection of universities compared to larger nations. Nevertheless, it presents an appealing academic landscape that drew in 633 international students in 2022. When examining the data from the past decade, a subtle yet consistent upward trend can be observed, with minor fluctuations, especially in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis.

In terms of immigration for educational purposes, Luxembourg ranks towards the lower end of the list compared to other countries. This could be attributed to the limited list of universities in Luxembourg when compared to larger nations. Additionally, the relatively high cost of living in Luxembourg might serve as a deterrent for many international students, despite the excellent quality of programs offered by Luxembourg's universities.

Source: Eurostat
Source: Eurostat
Source: Eurostat

Planning your studies

It appears you've decided to pursue your studies in Luxembourg. However, you might be wondering about the best university in Luxembourg for international students and the visa requirements. In the following sections, we'll shed light on these crucial aspects to help you plan your academic journey effectively.

How to choose the university

When it comes to choosing where to pursue your studies, there are several essential factors to consider. Here, we've gathered some of the most critical considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Consult university rankings
Admission criteria
Explore available programs
Consider your budget
Location matters

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can determine which university in Luxembourg is the best fit for your academic and personal needs.

What do you need in terms of papers?

If you aspire to study in Luxembourg and are a resident or national of a European country, you won't need to be concerned about the following paperwork, as you have the right to live and study in any European country. However, if you're not a European resident or national, there are several steps you'll need to follow to obtain the necessary documents.

In this case, you must apply for a temporary entry permit and, depending on your circumstances, request a long-term visa. You'll also need to demonstrate that you're enrolled in a recognized educational institution and have sufficient financial means. Since academic programs typically span over a year, you'll also need to apply for a student residence permit in addition to the visa.

The process can be broken down into two or three steps:

  1. Before entering Luxembourg
  2. After Entering Luxembourg: Apply for a residence permit for students from non-EU countries.

Regarding the required documents, you'll need to prepare the following:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • A criminal record certificate.
  • Proof of full-time admission to a higher education institution in Luxembourg.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources to cover living and return expenses. Monthly resources should be at least 80% of the current social inclusion income in Luxembourg.
  • Parental authorization for students under 18 years of age.
  • Proof of health insurance coverage for health risks in Luxembourg (travel insurance).
  • Proof of accommodation in Luxembourg.

This is a concise overview to give you an idea of the requirements. For a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, we recommend visiting the dedicated page on the Luxembourg government's portal Be sure to plan and complete these steps well in advance to ensure a smooth transition into your academic journey in Luxembourg.

Which are the best universities in Luxembourg

Now, it's time to explore the list of universities in Luxembourg for international students. Luxembourg boasts a range of educational institutions, yet not all hold government accreditation. In this article, we'll focus on those that have received this recognition:

One public University:

  • University of Luxembourg

Two Foreign and Private Higher Education Centers:

  • Lunex University
  • Luxembourg School of Business (LSB)

Two Institutions Awarding Foreign Degrees:

  • Sacred Heart University Luxembourg
  • Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC)

University of Luxembourg

Source: University of Luxembourg website

The University of Luxembourg stands as one of the top institutions among the best universities in Luxembourg and holds a notable international standing. In the 2024 World University Ranking by Times Higher Education, it secured a place among the top 14% of universities worldwide.

year of foundation

Established in 2003, the University of Luxembourg has swiftly proven itself as a leading educational hub in both Luxembourg and Europe. In the 2023 Young University Rankings, it ranks 25th among universities less than 50 years old. Comprising approximately 6,800 students from around 130 countries and a faculty of 283 professors, assistant professors, and lecturers from 20 different nations, the university offers a diverse and international academic environment. Programs are delivered in German, English, and French, making it a great choice for those seeking a University in Luxembourg in English.

The University of Luxembourg is organized into three faculties, each specializing in different fields:

  • Faculty of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance
  • Faculty of Science, Technology, and Medicine

For those considering studying at this institution, affordability is a plus. Tuition fees range from 200 to 450 euros per semester, making education accessible for a wide range of students.

Lunex University

Source: Lunex University

Lunex University is a private institution located in Differdange (about one hour from the capital), specializing in the fields of health, sports, and management. Established in 2016, it is one of the newer additions to Luxembourg's academic landscape.

date of foundation
more 800

The university features several departments: Physiotherapy, Sports and Exercise Sciences, Sports Management and Sports Management and Digitalization. The University offers a range of bachelor's and master's programs in physiotherapy and sports-related fields:

  • 5 bachelor’s degrees in Physiotherapy, Sports Science, Sports Management, Nutrition, Fitness, and Health, as well as Health and Quality of Life at Work.
  • 3 master’s programs in Physiotherapy, Sports Science, and Sports Management.

For those considering undergraduate studies at Lunex, the tuition fee is 750 euros per month, making it a cost-effective option for pursuing education in the vibrant and multicultural academic environment of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg School of Business

Source: Luxembourg School of Business

Founded in 2014, the Luxembourg School of Business specializes in offering master's programs. It presents a "Weekend-MBA" (Master of Business Administration) tailored primarily for full-time employees looking to earn their degree in two years while working. 

year of foundation
different nationalities
of students started own business while studying

Additionally, a full-time Master’s in Management program is available, primarily aimed at bachelor's degree holders seeking to further their education. It's important to note that tuition costs are relatively high, ranging from 11,000 to 12,000 euros per year of study, making it a significant investment in your academic and professional future.

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 12.43.59 PM.png
Source: Sacred Heart University Luxembourg Facebook Page

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, a branch of the Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, USA, was established in 1991, specializing in business and management. Accredited by AACSB, it maintains close collaborations with various Luxembourg-based companies. 

year of foundation
more 700
4th place
in the best college campuses rating on the East Cost

However, it's essential to note a significant development: the university's primary campus in Luxembourg abruptly closed in early 2022. This shift doesn't signify a complete closure but rather a change in strategy, as Sacred Heart University Luxembourg now focuses on online programs, offering students a more flexible and accessible approach to education.

Miami University Dolibois European Center

Source: Miami University Dolibois European Center

The John E. Dolibois European Center of Miami University (MUDEC) is an overseas campus of Miami University based in Differdange, Luxembourg. Established in 1968, it stands as one of the earliest institutions on the list of universities in Luxembourg for international students.

year of foundation
more 100
is the minimum GPA

This university provides American and international students the opportunity to study in the heart of Europe while maintaining academic and socio-cultural connections with Luxembourg and the broader European community.

Miami University Luxembourg offers bachelor programs in the fields of Law, History, and Politics. The undergraduate tuition fee is around 5,500 euros per semester, which, while providing a high-quality education in a dynamic international setting, may present a financial challenge for some students. Prospective students need to consider the cost alongside available financial aid or scholarships to make an informed decision about their education in Luxembourg.


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