Luxembourg runs out of diabetes medicine

Luxembourg's residents suffering from diabetes face another problem. The warehouses of the Grand Duchy are running out of Ozempic. This makes it impossible for patients to get the help they need.

insulin syringes on the table

Some people complain that after visiting several pharmacies, they were able to get the drug they wanted, but not in the right dosage. As a result, some patients are forced to inject themselves with 0.25 mg of insulin instead of the prescribed 1 mg.

Alain De Bourcy, president of the pharmacists' union, expressed concern about the situation. He says there have been tensions over supplies and stocks for months. But it was only at the end of this year that there was talk of a real shortage.

Of course, there are alternatives, but the situation with them is not easy either. One of the reasons for such disruptions in the availability of the drug was the trend of weight loss, which became popular in social networks. Its main "trick" was to take the drug "Ozempik" for weight loss.

Already in March this year, the Ministry of Health issued a circular urging pharmacists and doctors to tighten control over the drug's distribution and dispense it only to diabetics with a prescription.