Luxembourg teachers are among the highest paid in the world

Luxembourg teachers are among the highest paid in the world

Luxembourg ranked first in terms of salaries in the field of education. The rankings were held among the member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Experienced secondary school teachers in the Grand Duchy receive over 107.000 euros per year on average. Experienced teachers in primary school earn about 100.000 euros annually.

OECD members include developed and developing countries. Many of them are also members of the European Union. The bloc’s combined GDP is about 60% of the world’s. Luxembourg is still seriously ahead of competition. Germany took second place in the rankings. There, experienced primary and secondary school teachers receive 79 and 89 thousand euros per year.

Experienced teachers are the ones who have worked at a school for over 15 years. But novice teachers in the Grand Duchy are also well-paid. In elementary school, wages start at 68.000 euros annually. And secondary school teachers receive an average of 77.000 euros a year. In addition, according to the European Commission, teacher salaries in Luxembourg show rapid annual growth.

However, there are still downsides. Over the past 8 years, teachers have lost about 11% of their real purchasing power due to inflation. Perhaps part of this ability will return with the new indexation of salaries, which may take place this fall.