Meet Harvey — a legal matters chatbot

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Meet Harvey — a legal matters chatbot

This new assistant is based on a solution from OpenAI, developers of the recent successful ChatGPT project. The Harvey is a joint development with Allen & Overy. Chatbot will save lawyers precious time.

Harvey is already capable of interpreting user requests, replying to their questions using existing laws and regulations, as well as giving additional comments on pending bills that might affect the outcome in the future.

Like any other AI, Harvey will continuously educate itself through user interactions and new information searches. Yet the chatbot is not free from mistakes. Nevertheless, with the time saved by using the solution, lawyers can analyze and compare AI responses with actual reality, rather than searching through hundreds of databases for the source information. Their work becomes more intellectual instead of monotonous scrolling through documents.

The developers of the chatbot also note that it won't be a substitute for a real person, but it can assist with repetitive work in a short time, allowing workers to focus on important things and improve the final quality of the product.

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