Solar energy production in Luxembourg doubles in a year

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Solar energy production in Luxembourg doubles in a year

In July 2022, solar power plants in th Grand Duchy have generated 40.1 GWh. In July of the last year, the highest mark reached was only 23.9 GWh.

The government has declared this amount of solar electricity production a historical record. The leaders in power generation were the northern and eastern regions of the Grand Duchy with 11.9 and 11.1 GWh, respectively. There were several contributing factors for the record.

First of all, the exceptional weather conditions are note-worthy. In July 2022, 377 hours of sunshine were recorded. In addition, the total number of photosensitive panels has increased: from 8653 to 9167 in a year.

Energy Minister Claude Turmes has said that photovoltaic power plants and solar power play a key role in Luxembourg’s transition to environmentally friendly fuels. By 2030, the Grand Duchy must consume a quarter of its energy from renewable sources. The value of this approach is easy to assess in the current situation. The natural gas crisis has highlighted Europe’s vulnerability to supply disruptions.

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