How to get a temporary autorisation to stay for a child when moving to Luxembourg

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This guide is designed to provide you with comprehensive information on the process and requirements for obtaining a temporary residence permit for your child when you are moving to Luxembourg as a family.

To obtain a temporary residence permit, you must submit an application for a temporary residence permit accompanied by a complete set of documents to the Immigration Office of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to a diplomatic representative.

Only fully completed applications containing all the documents will be processed properly. Otherwise, the documents will be returned to the applicant. It is important to do everything correctly at every stage, as your success will depend on it.

Steps of obtaining a temporary residence permit for a child

Obtaining a temporary residence permit for your child when moving to Luxembourg requires thorough preparation and following the necessary procedures. A clear understanding of the processes, readiness of all necessary documents and a fully completed application form will ensure a smooth and successful process.

Prepare the necessary documents

The first milestone is to collect all necessary documents:

Child's birth certificate

Child's international passport

Work or residence permit for the parent(s)

Proof of sufficient funds to support the child during their stay in Luxembourg

Proof of accommodation for the child in Luxembourg

Medical insurance for the child.

Translate the documents

If the documents are not in French, English, or German, a translation must be provided. Only the necessary documents required for moving to Luxembourg need to be translated into your country of origin.

Typically, a notarized translation suffices for most documents. However, a sworn translator in Luxembourg can certify the translation if necessary.

All personal documents, such as the child's birth certificate, should be apostilled. The apostille procedure must be executed by the competent authorities of the country that issued the document.

Fill out the application for a temporary residence permit

Complete the application form for a temporary residence permit for your child, ensuring all information is accurate and up-to-date. Write in French. For the application to be full, you will need to attach previously collected documents translated into one of the official languages of the Grand Duchy.

Submit documents to the Ministry

Submit the completed application form and all required documents to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in person or by post. The submitted documents must be original or certified copies. The application can be submitted by the third-country national or by a third party on their behalf.

Immigration Directorate – Department for Foreigners

Address: 26, route d'Arlon, Luxembourg

Phone : (+352) 247 840 40 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m.


As a result of this step, you will receive a letter, granting your permission to stay. This letter will be used to obtain visa D and enter the country as one of the grounds.

Obtain a temporary residence permit

Once the application has been approved, the child will be granted temporary authorization to stay. The letter will have instructions about other steps. Eventually, you will have to come to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make a photo and pass biometry, and receive the Residence Permit card with your child.

Remember to consult with the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs for specific information related to your individual circumstances.

How to obtain a temporary residence permit for an adult

For adults, the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit is the same, but the main difference is the documentation requirements.

You will need solid grounds for entry into the country. You can find more information about it in our special article — Grounds for entry into Luxembourg and the required documents.

For family reunification

Not all family members are entitled to a temporary residence permit. In particular, this right does not apply to

Legal spouse or partner;

Unmarried minor children;

Direct first-degree relatives (mother/father) of an unaccompanied minor under international protection.

Later on, the right to be reunited can be extended to certain other relatives. Until then, however, the applicant must have lived legally in Luxembourg for at least 12 months.

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit on this ground, both the host and the migrating person need to fulfill certain requirements.

A third-country national who wishes to bring the family to Luxembourg must:

Have a legal basis for a long-term stay in Luxembourg

This could be a work contract, a research contract, a university degree or another ground.

Confirm sufficient funds available

The income must be stable, regular and sufficient to cover one's own needs and those of the family member.

Have a room available to receive a family member

The area cannot be less than 12 square meters for the first resident and 9 square meters for each additional resident. There must be at least one sealed window of at least 1/10th of the floor area. Ensure that the room itself is properly sealed, heated, with plumbing, electricity, etc.

A family member who will receive accommodation should:

Check whether he or she is eligible for entry visas, and get one if so;

Have a valid passport for the duration of the intended visit.

For studies

A temporary residence permit for students may be obtained by any third-country national who wishes to study in the Grand Duchy.

A student is considered to be a person who:

Accepted to study at an institution of higher education in Luxembourg

The higher education establishments in the country include:

University of Luxembourg;

Institutions of higher technical education (BTC);

Privately owned and accredited higher education institutions.

Is studying on a full-time course of study

Full-time study is the main occupation of the applicant. Doctoral research provides the grounds for obtaining student status as well.

In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant must

Be eligible for student status;

Check whether they qualify for a visa for entry, and obtain a visa if so;

Have a valid passport.

For work

Work permits are available for both salaried and highly skilled Blue Card professionals. Read more about the process in the Blue Card Relocation Guide.


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