The Luxembourg National Cycling Championships are over. Here's what we know about the winners

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The Luxembourg National Cycling Championships are over. Here's what we know about the winners

The road championships are an annual event supported by the Luxembourg Cycling Federation. This year, the men competed in three categories and the women in two. The race itself took place between the 21st and 25th of June.

Results Men

The men's qualifying race included both juniors (under 23 years of age) and professionals. There were two disciplines for the young riders — the sprint and the road race.

The time trial was won by Mats Berns. He covered the distance in 9 minutes and 14 seconds. Finn Ury and Alex Kerrens came in 4 and 13 seconds behind the winner respectively.

Mats Berns9 min 14 sec1
Fynn Ury9 min 18 sec2
Alex Kerrens9 min 27 sec3

In the road race on a shortened course, first place went to Oliver Korva, who only finished 5th in the sprint. His time in the long race was 2 hours and 25 minutes. Noa Berton was second, 5 minutes behind. The next rider to cross the line was Finn Uri, who finished in the top three on two occasions.

Oliver Korva2 h 25 min1
Noa Berton2 h 30 min2
Fynn Ury2 h 30 min3

The professional riders took part in the race over the full distance. With a time of 3 hours and 25 minutes, Alex Kirsch was the winner. Second and third places were shared by Michel Ries and Mats Wenzel.

Alex Kirsch3 h 25 min 34 sec1
Michel Ries3 h 26 min 5 sec2
Mats Wenzel3 h 26 min 5 sec3

Results Women

In the women's race there was less competition and the top three winners were the same in the different distances.

In the sprint, the results were as follows:

Nina Berton9 min 39 sec1
Christine Majerus9 min 45 sec2
Marie Schreiber9 min 54 sec3

In the road race, Christine Majerus beat Nina Burton by a fraction of a second to win the race. Marie Schreiber also took 3rd place.

Christine Majerus2 h 10 min 29 sec1
Nina Berton2 h 10 min 29 sec2
Marie Schreiber2 h 10 min 32 sec3

The Luxembourg National Road Race Championship is an annual cycling event where Luxembourg cyclists compete for the prestigious title of National Champion. It was founded in 1922. Since then it has been a highlight of the cycling calendar. The women's championship was created in 1959.

The Luxembourg National Road Race Championships not only showcase the exceptional talent of Luxembourg's cyclists. It is also about the spirit of national pride and the spirit of sportsmanship. It is an event that unites the cycling community and captures the excitement and dedication of these athletes.

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