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What documents do you need to buy real estate

In this article we will explore what documents are mandatory for buying a real estate in Luxembourg and also learn some details about mortgage in the Grand Duchy.

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It is said that the notary assembles the necessary documents for the transaction after signing a preliminary contract for the purchase of a house in Luxembourg. To complete the purchase, the buyer must provide a standard set of documents.

Allegedly, after signing a preliminary contract for the purchase of a house in Luxembourg, the notary prepares a bundle of documents required for the transaction. In order to buy the property, the buyer needs to submit a basic set of papers.

  • Identification papers: a passport or ID card.
  • Mortgage or loan confirmation from the bank, if that is the case.
  • Proof that the client has funds and that they are legally obtained if the client intends to pay in a single payment without loans or mortgages.
Real estate

How to buy a real estate in Luxembourg

Should you try to get a mortgage in Luxembourg

The answer depends on your current status in the Grand Duchy. Mortgages are very popular in Luxembourg, but they are usually granted to citizens and people with residence permits. It is mandatory to have an income and official employment.

It is extremely difficult to get a mortgage for an immigrant without a residence permit. Most likely, you will have to make a one-time payment with no installments.

Real estate
Mortgage in Luxembourg: requirements, rates and guide to obtaining a loan
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What documents need to be prepared when buying a property in Luxembourg?

Is it possible to get a mortgage in Luxembourg?

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