Teleworkers and remote work in Luxembourg more popular than anywhere else in Europe

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Teleworkers and remote work in Luxembourg more popular than anywhere else in Europe

During 2020, the share of teleworkers in all European countries has been rising, but at a differing pace. Luxembourg experienced explosive growth. The country successfully took the lead from the Netherlands. During the pandemic, 56% of all workers in the country were teleworkers. This data was published by STATEC and Fondation IDEA.

This figure dropped slightly in 2021, when some companies returned to offices after the pandemic. However, 41% of workers in Luxembourg still work from home. This is still the highest figure in all of Europe.

According to research, more than half of all workers in the country can do their work from home. The potential for further growth is extremely high.

Right now teleworkers are mainly highly qualified specialists: computer analysts, financiers, lawyers.

It should be noted that this data only applies to employees permanently residing in the Grand Duchy. There is no data on how many employees work remotely in Luxembourg from their country of residence. Moreover, it will be difficult to provide remote work for workers from abroad. To do this, European countries need to jointly solve numerous taxation and legislation issues.

The STATEC study outlines the benefits of working from home. It will help to free up roads. As well as reduce the environmental damage from the abundance of cars. But there are also disadvantages. Workers from abroad are frequent customers of restaurants and hotels. If all of them become teleworkers, the HoResCa sector will suffer serious economic damage.

Europeans are increasingly interested in working from home. Recently, a petition was created in France for mandatory two days of remote work per week.

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