Trilateral meeting will address the tax scale adaptation

Adjustment of the tax scale is a hot topic for trade unions, which they have been urging to discuss for a long time, particularly in view of the current inflation rate. However, not every political party perceives this suggestion equally. Opinion has been split into those who support the idea, those, who oppose it, and the neutrals.

Trilateral meeting will address the tax scale adaptation

While the LSAP fully supports the adjustments, Dei Greng believes that only highly paid professionals would benefit from them, yet does not protest it. The DP has clearly expressed its disapproval of such transformations.

According to the Minister of Finance Yuriko Backes, such modifications are unacceptable now, because they would hit the budget. On the other hand, the CSV, which normally insists on maintaining budget discipline, has adopted the opposite approach this time.

According to the CSV representatives, taxpayers have already "funded" such measures, because there have been no adjustments for a long time, and six indexations have already taken place, excluding the upcoming one in April.