How to spend your first weekends of February

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How to spend your first weekends of February

The first February weekends are here and we collected a few ideas on how to spend them nicely. Weekend events digest that will satisfy loners as well as whole families.

The Spaceminers

One of Luxembourg's most extraordinary and popular musical bands will perform on Saturday, February 4, at Brasserie de l'Arrêt (Cubana Café). The band is known for their covers not only of contemporary songs but also of hits of the 70's, 80's and 90's. The ticket for the concert is only 10 euros!

Address: Brasserie de l'Arrêt (Cubana Café), 365 route de Longwy, L-1941 LUXEMBOURG


A modern vision of one of Goethe's earlier works. The classicist at one time changed the ending of the play to a tragic one. But now the stage director Stefan Maurer offers a glimpse of the utopian and controversial original. The play will be performed from Friday, February 3, through Wednesday, February 8, at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg. Tickets cost up to 25 euros.

Address: Théâtre National du Luxembourg (TNL), 194 ROUTE DE LONGWY, L-1940 LUXEMBOURG

«The ocean of love»

«Un océan d'amour» — is an unconventional mute performance, in which the actors are sheets of paper. With the gentle hands of the artists, they are transformed into ships, people, and the stories that come with them. The performance is designed for families with children from 7 years old. The ticket price is 26 euros.

Address: Rotondes, 3 place des Rotondes, L-2448 LUXEMBOURG

Video editing master class

In an era of vlogging and amateur filmmaking, it's a strong advantage to have editing skills. That's why Kids Life Skills is holding an exciting workshop for kids ages 11 to 13. In 6 lessons, they will learn all the basics of editing: from simple clip trimming to creating spectacular transitions. The price of the course is 225 euros. Important: the workshop will be in English, and you will need a personal work device!

Address: 2 Rue Gerhard Mercator, L-2182 Luxembourg

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