Luxembourg events schedule for June 2-4

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Luxembourg events schedule for June 2-4

Summer has arrived, which means that more and more events are being held outdoors. That's where we're headed too, looking out for some of the most exciting events in the Grand Duchy.

1H22 avant la fin

Picture a character who wants to kill himself, when suddenly a person appears on his doorstep whose sole purpose is to kill this character. How convenient!

The play, drenched in existential questions and black humor, raises questions of life and death, loneliness and more. There will be several performances in June, so you'll still have a chance to see the performance even if you can't make it this weekend. Ticket prices, by the way, range from 8 to 20 euros.

Address: Théâtre ouvert Luxembourg (TOL), route de Thionville, L-2611 LUXEMBOURG

Watercolor workshop

Many people think that watercolor is a children's paint. It's easy to draw with, or so it seems at first glance. In fact, not everyone can become a master of this color. If you want to, you can try a watercolor workshop in Luxembourg.

The price for a three-hour course is 50 euros and the group is limited to 10 people, so book early!

Address: Subtile Showroom-Gallery, 21A Avenue Gaston Diderich, L-1420 LUXEMBOURG


This is a dance workshop where you will learn rhythmic and plastic movements inspired by hip-hop, contemporary dance and classical choreography. The workshop encourages improvisation and teaches participants to interact with other dancers to create complex and varied compositions. Fees range from 5 to 25 euros.

Address: Banannefabrik, 12 Rue du Puits, L-2359 LUXEMBOURG

Imaginary Shapes

An exhibition by the Spanish artist Álvaro Marzán, who has been living in Luxembourg for many years. Thanks to his background, he has learned how to combine vivid and spirited images in a rigorous form, transforming energy and imagination into images and contours, the artist tells us fantastic stories that are definitely worth seeing. The exhibition is free of charge.

Address: Subtile Showroom-Gallery, 21A Avenue Gaston Diderich, L-1420 LUXEMBOURG

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