Where to have a cup of coffee and breakfast in Luxembourg

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Where to have a cup of coffee and breakfast in Luxembourg

A small digest of coffee houses for every taste. A pleasant atmosphere, and sometimes a great view, are attached.

Golden Bean The Coffee Experience

A picturesque view — the cafe is located next to the Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg. A rich selection of drinks is complemented by seasonal options that won’t leave even the most scrupulous gourmet indifferent.

Address: 23 Rue Chimay L-1333, Luxembourg

Kaale Kaffi ArtCoffee

A cozy vintage place to drop by to enjoy the atmosphere and have a cup of coffee. The walls are decorated with paintings, and antique furniture from different decades sets a special tone for this cafe.

Address: 9 rue delà Boucherie, 1247 Luxembourg

Casa del Caffé

A tiny establishment serving incredible coffee is located near the Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg and in relative proximity to the Luxembourg city park. Here you can also taste excellent Italian desserts and pastries.

Address: Avenue de la Porte Neuve N. 11, Luxembourg

Coffeeshop Knopes

For the most demanding taste — espresso, cappuccino, latte, a wide selection of teas. The drinks’ list is not limited to this. You can choose coffee with oat milk or something completely different. A very modern place for modern people.

Address: Avenue de la Porte Neuve, 2227 Luxembourg

BraVo Cafe

A small coffee joint next to the Luxembourg City Park. Here you can take coffee with you. If you like latte, orange coffee and other more out there drinks, you can try them when you go for a walk in the park. In addition to coffee, you can appreciate the taste of iced hibiscus tea with orange juice.

Address: 43 Av. Monterey, Luxembourg


Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those who only eat gluten-free meals. Local coffee is brewed with character. It’s perfect for any mood and weather.

Address: 35 Avenue du Bois, Luxembourg

Grupetto Cafe

This cafe is also in close proximity to the Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg. Here you can find an amazing breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup, but there’s also a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. As for coffee, this is the establishment’s signature drink, you can find latte, americano, espresso or cappuccino to your taste.

Address: 14A Rue Notre-Dame, Luxembourg

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