European Parliament approves electronic driver's license law

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Фото: Alex Jumper, Unsplash

Фото: Alex Jumper, Unsplash

After the first reading of the bill, it became known about the forthcoming changes in the established rules. Perhaps the most important will be the transfer of the usual license to a digital format accessible from the screen of a mobile phone. Such a license will be equivalent to a regular one, and it will be possible to present it at the request of inspectors.

An equally important improvement will be the minimum period of validity of the license. For cars and motorcycles it will be 15 years, for trucks and buses — 5 years. The second is understandable, because the responsibility and complexity of the work is higher, so checks are needed more often. Also, older drivers will not have their licenses shortened, so as not to create discrimination.

If the bill becomes law, drivers will be able to determine their own ability to renew their licenses. However, EU countries are advised to consider this mechanism at a local level and not to abolish medical examinations without being sure of the effectiveness of the new measures. It is also important to educate drivers to identify markers of physiological and psychological problems that may pose a threat while driving.

The changes will also affect newcomers. First, driving buses with up to 16 passengers and trucks will be allowed from the age of 18. This is mainly to increase the number of professional drivers. Secondly, newcomers will now have to undergo a probationary period of up to two years, during which there will be stricter restrictions and much harsher penalties for violations.

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