Euros in cash: new demand for Russian tourists entering the EU

At least five Russian tourists have been required by the border guards to show euros in cash when entering the EU countries. Or at least present a valid bank card issued outside of Russia. This way customs officials want to make sure that tourists can pay for their stay in the countries of the bloc.

Euros in cash: new demand for Russian tourists entering the EU

This has happened with tourists in Austria and France. And three such cases were reported at German airports. One of the tourists talked to the Moscow Times magazine. He told, that numerous passengers from were requested to show euros in cash.

Those who could not present the required amount were not allowed to cross the border. A Russian tourist spent half a day at the Frankfurt airport waiting for the money. It was finally delivered to her through an acquaintance from another flight. Only after that she was allowed entry into Germany .

Is such a measure even legal? Border guards referred to the general rules for entry into the EU when asked. European Commission was requested to clarify the matter. But the question has so far remained unanswered.

It is worth noting that the Union Pay cards issued in Russia will not be accepted. Even though they can be used in the EU countries. Therefore, if you did not have time to issue a card abroad, it is better to prepare cash before traveling.

Each EU country calculates the minimum amount required for entry independently. In Luxembourg it is 50 euros per day per tourist.

The scope of these new measures is not yet clear. But entry into Europe is still open to Russians. The European Commission has recently said that the sanctions will not affect the issuance of visas to Russians.