Highlights of the week of November 6-12

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Highlights of the week of November 6-12

The end of the week was stressful for both Icelanders and Italians. The reasons were not comparable, so we can say that the Italians were luckier. And the people of Scotland were also lucky: the country is actively recruiting trainee drivers for the legendary Hogwarts Express route.

The eruption in Iceland

Last Friday, a series of earthquakes shook the country. Seismologists have also reported that magma is actively moving beneath the earth's crust, which could be a sign of an impending eruption.

Authorities have declared a state of emergency in the country. The risk of an eruption has increased dramatically since Saturday morning and could occur in the next few days. There have been three eruptions on the Reykjanes peninsula since 2021: in March 2021, August 2022, and July 2023. All of them were fortunately far away from infrastructure.

Overall, the country is literally sitting on a powder keg. There are 33 active volcanic systems, more than any other European country.

The lion in Ladispoli

An Italian town near Rome literally went dark for an evening after authorities announced that a lion had escaped from a circus. The wild cat strolled through the streets at a leisurely pace and was even caught on camera.

Kimba, as the animal is known, spent several hours on the loose before being tranquilized and returned to the circus. The operation involved police, circus staff, veterinarians, and volunteers.

The mayor of Ladispoli has already commented on the matter, calling for "put an end to the exploitation of animals in circuses". The official also emphasized that he did not officially authorize the presence of performers with large predators in the city, but he could not prevent it.

An internship on the Hogwarts Express

Scotland's train operator is looking for train drivers to work on one of the most scenic routes in the world. It has become legendary due to the Harry Potter films.

Successful applicants will travel on the West Highland Line, which connects Mallaig and Oban to Glasgow. No previous experience or specialist knowledge is required: ScotRail will teach you everything. The main thing is that the applicant must be 20 years old at the time of application, in good health, and able to respond quickly to challenges and solve problems.

The employer has not forgotten about remuneration. After a successful probationary period, a qualified machinist can earn up to 60,000 pounds a year. That's about 68,500 euros over 12 months.

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We took photos from these sources: a lion crouches near a tree

Authors: Aleksandr, Kadriia

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