Short-term rent under the new rules

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Short-term rent under the new rules

The process of leasing housing for short periods, such as through Airbnb, will have to become more transparent so that governments could control it better.

Now, due to the difference in the requirements of online platforms, it is rather problematic to resist scammers and protect the interests of citizens and their rights. Now the EU countries have decided to reform the operation mode of housing aggregators.

Each apartment, house, or even room that is rented out for a certain number of days will soon be required to have a unique registration number. So the competent authorities will be able to find out more about the owner of the accommodation, in case it is needed. Online platforms themselves will have to carry out periodic random checks to monitor the legitimacy of the ads and timely detect violations.

The unified procedure for collecting and processing personal data will also help to reduce paperwork and balance the market by minimizing the number of fraudulent offers.

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