Getting stuck on a 30-meter ride, giving birth, eating ice cream, taking a photo with Lämmi: highlights of Schueberfouer 2023

The day before, on September 11, one of the brightest and most memorable events of the year — the annual Schueberfouer fair, which took place for the 681st time — came to an end. And even though it will take some time before it will be possible to summarize the results, the first results have already been announced by the owners of the stands and the attractions.

Ferris wheel, fair, lights, sky.

Mostly, the feedback is positive. Now that the removal of tents and other structures on Glacis Square is in full swing, many vendors say that the fair has returned to its pre-pandemic level. The heat has made things a little more difficult, with fewer visitors on average in the afternoon. But for ice cream vendors, for example, this was a big advantage.

This year, 211 owners of amusement rides came to the fair. Of these, 37.9% were Luxembourgers, 27.5% French and 22.3% German. There were also visitors from Belgium, the Netherlands, and even Australia. On an area of 4.44 hectares, there were 21 attractions for children, and 18 attractions for adults, as well as dozens of tents with treats, sweets, and ice cream.

There was also a traditional fair mascot, Lämmi. He also held a lottery among the visitors. Some unexpected things happened, like a birth. And the passengers of the roller coaster were stuck at a height of 30 meters for an hour. Both stories ended without incident.

But there is also some bad news. Some attractions are struggling due to visitors' limited finances. This is because of general inflation and rising food costs. As a result, the treats at Schueberfouer became more expensive, and not everyone had the money for the shooting gallery, for example.