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The Schueberfouer Fair in Luxembourg

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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, because we're about to embark on a whirlwind journey through the vibrant world of the Schueberfouer Fair in Luxembourg!

Brace yourself for a celebration that's a living, breathing testament to the country's traditions, history, and boundless sense of fun. For over 683 years, the fair has enchanted both locals and travelers alike. It gets bigger, brighter, and more exhilarating with each passing year.

Hold onto your cotton candy because this isn't just your ordinary carnival. The Schueberfouer is a sensory smorgasbord, a rollercoaster of adrenaline and delectable delights.

From the latter days of August to the early breezes of September, the sprawling Champ des Glacis, spanning a whopping 4 hectares, transforms into a magical realm. Imagine a place where old-world charm merges seamlessly with modern amusement, that's the Schueberfouer in all its glory.

Sabino Parente photography, Ville de Luxembourg
Sabino Parente photography, Ville de Luxembourg

In this article, we'll discover the who, what, when, and where of this unforgettable event that lights up the streets of Luxembourg City year after year. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be swept away by the magic of the Schueberfouer Fair.

The evolution of Schueberfouer

Every tradition has its roots, and the Schueberfouer Fair in Luxembourg is no exception. Step into the time machine as we journey back to the origins of this beloved event that has woven itself into the fabric of Luxembourg's cultural tapestry.

Founding and the Name's origins

The tale begins with the illustrious Jean l'Aveugle, a true visionary who, as both King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, laid the foundation for what we now know as the Schueberfouer.

In October 1340, he granted life to this vibrant fair, stipulating that it would kick off annually on the eve of St. Bartholomew's Day, a festive occasion celebrated on the 24th of August. For eight glorious days, the fairgrounds would come alive with merriment and commerce.

Now, let's unravel the mystery behind its name. There are two intriguing theories.

One suggests that the fair derives its name from its original location, Schuedbuerg, christening it as the Schuedebergermesse, which eventually morphed into the whimsical Schueberfouer (with "Fouer" meaning "fair").

Another tale whispers of the German word "Schober," which can refer to a barn or a pile, symbolizing the spot where harvests were stored. After all, the Schueberfouer initially emerged as an agricultural and harvest celebration.

Early days of the Fair

For nearly 450 years leading up to the French Revolution, the Schueberfouer was a bustling marketplace. Nestled along a pivotal crossroads of the major European trade routes, Luxembourg played a central role, and the fair was no exception.

Here, treasures of all kinds exchanged hands, fabrics, porcelain, pottery, household goods, agricultural produce, and even livestock. As the 16th century rolled in, the fair transformed into one of the region's largest livestock markets. Pigs, goats, sheep, and even horses graced the scene.

Held on the Plateau Saint-Esprit, the fair eventually outgrew its confines and, in 1610, shifted its vivacity to Limpertsberg, a locality north of Allée Scheffer.

Amusement of Limpertsberg

The 18th century brought winds of change. The fair evolved from a mere market to a realm of entertainment. Concerts resonated through the air, dances swirled, skillful games were played, and delectable treats indulged taste buds.

It wasn't until 1840 that the first carousels spun into motion, introducing the delightful world of amusement rides.

In 1893, progress led the fair to relocate to the expansive Glacis field, where it now resides, as the urbanization of Limpertsberg necessitated the move.

Modern Schueberfouer

Ville de Luxembourg website
Ville de Luxembourg website

The 20th century ushered in novel wonders, a not-so-enormous Ferris wheel and a daring roller coaster. In 1929, a Braderie, a street market, joined the festivities. Since then, the fair has witnessed the rise of increasingly mechanical and sophisticated attractions, yet they harmoniously coexist with the fair's vibrant restaurant scene and vibrant market stalls.

From a humble market to a grand celebration of culture and joy, this fair continues to enchant and amaze, ensuring that its story remains forever etched in the hearts of both Luxembourgers and visitors alike. In the following section, we will explore all the wonders this fair has to offer us today.

What can you do at Schueberfouer in Luxembourg

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to a realm of exhilaration and delight, for the Schueberfouer Fair in Luxembourg beckons with a beguiling blend of 200 attractions that promises endless adventure and joy. Are you ready to discover the whirlwind of wonders that await you within this grand extravaganza?

Attractions at the fair

As you step through the gates of the Schueberfouer, a world of marvels unfolds before you. Among the first sights to greet you is the fair's beloved mascot, Lämmy.

This woolly character dons the traditional blue attire of 19th-century farmers and musicians, a creation of the talented artist Emile Schlesser, also known as Milli.

Stroll along the alleys teeming with market stalls, where an array of curiosities and treasures awaits. From almond nougat to hand-carved ebony sculptures, and from electric mixers to fantastic can openers, every nook brims with delights waiting to be discovered.

But that's just the beginning. Brace yourself for the thrill of a lifetime as you venture into the heart of the fairgrounds, where an array of more than 25 breathtaking rides stands tall, ready to fill your veins with adrenaline. You will find a giant wheel, a freefall tower, roller coasters and attractions, shooting ranges and lotteries, where you can win

If it's a family day at Schueberfouer and you have little ones with you, don't fret, there are over a dozen kid-friendly attractions.

Grilled hake and chips

Ah, the aroma of culinary delights. The Schueberfouer raises the bar to new heights. Indulge in the spectrum of grilled delicacies that define Luxembourg's festive culture, while international specialties add a touch of global flavor. Yet, the true stars of the culinary show are the regional treasures.

Fouerfësch, a delectable hake fish cooked in beer yeast, paired perfectly with crispy fries, a cold beer, or a crisp white wine from the Moselle region.

And don't miss out on the Gromperekichelcher, a simple yet scrumptious delight enjoyed at every popular celebration in Luxembourg. These fried potato cakes are served piping hot, accompanied by a sprinkle of salt and a dollop of apple sauce.

Sheep procession

The Schueberfouer isn't just about rides and delicacies; it's steeped in history and tradition. One such tradition is the sheep procession.

On the Sunday morning of the fair (), musicians clad in the iconic blue peasant attire of the 19th-century march through the city streets, serenading with the . This old-time melody, accompanied by a shepherd and adorned sheep, is a nod to Luxembourg's cultural heritage.

And as the fair draws to a close, prepare to be dazzled by a grand finale, a mesmerizing firework display that paints the night sky with a tapestry of colors, bidding adieu to yet another year of Schueberfouer magic.

When and where is the Schueberfouer fair held in 2023

While the origins of the fair were tied to the eve of St. Bartholomew's Day on August 24th, spanning a duration of eight days, today's Schueberfouer presents a more dynamic schedule. With a start date typically falling in the last days of August and stretching into the first days of September, this celebration has grown into a three-week-long spectacle.

As of 2023, the fair will be held from

The grand opening of the Schueberfouer takes off at 5:00 p.m., and from then on, the fair will dazzle visitors daily and the Schueberfouer opening hours are from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

How to reach the fair

The Schueberfouer transforms the Champ du Glacis, a spacious open square au 21 Allée Scheffer, nestled on the fringes of the city center. Usually used as a parking lot accommodating over a thousand cars, this spot undergoes a magical metamorphosis each August, evolving into the vibrant hub that is the Schueberfouer.

Address of the Schueberfouer Fair — Champ du Glacis, 21 Allée Scheffer, Luxembourg.

Getting there is quite simple, the location is seamlessly integrated into the city's free public transportation system. Whether you hop on a bus from one of the various lines connecting to the fairgrounds or choose the tram and disembark at the Limpertsberg, Theater stop, reaching the festivities is a breeze.

Tickets price for Schueberfouer

Here's the delightful part, stepping into the world of Schueberfouer itself doesn't require a ticket. However, each enchanting ride comes with its own price tag, as well as food and drinks.

Admission is , but rides and entertainment cost extra at the Schueberfouer.

Ville de Luxembourg
Ville de Luxembourg

The Schueberfouer Fair awaits, ready to sweep you off your feet with its vibrant lights and endless entertainment. Mark the dates, gather your loved ones, and set forth to immerse yourself in a world where the spirit of celebration knows no bounds.


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