Luxembourg film to represent the country at the Oscars

Loïc Tanson's Läif a Séil will represent Luxembourg at the 96th Academy Awards in 2024. The film will compete for the award for Best International Feature Film, if it is accepted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Academy Awards on a black background, Oscars

Läif a Séil, or The Last Ashes, is set in Luxembourg in 1854 and is classified as a modern women's western. The main character, Hélène, returns to her home village under the rule of a tyrant with the sole purpose of taking revenge.

This is not the first movie to cross the ocean to participate in the prestigious competition. Earlier this year, The Red Suitcase competed for the title of Best Short Film. If you haven't heard of this movie or would like to see it on the big screen, you have a great opportunity to do so.

The Red Suitcase is one of the Luxembourgish films that will be shown at the British & Irish Film Festival.