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How to process the documents for a temporary residence permit

Apply for a temporary residence permit with a full set of documents to the Immigration Office of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to its diplomatic representative.

Applications are processed only when they are full and complete, and include all the needed documents. Otherwise, the application will be returned to the applicant. It is important to follow every step of the application process correctly, as your success will depend on it.

What to do

  1. Fill out the application for a temporary residence permit
    Write in French
    Download document sample (.docx, 21.58 kB)
  2. Collect the necessary documents to submit with the application for a temporary permit
    • copies of all pages of valid passport;
    • a notarized copy of a recent criminal record certificate with apostille;
    • applicant's curriculum vitae;
    • copies of diplomas or certificates of professional competencies;
    • copy of the work contract (in accordance with Luxembourg law), dated and signed by both the applicant and his future employer in Luxembourg;
    • the official certificate from the National Employment Agency stating that the employer has the right to hire a third-country national;
    • curriculum vitae (CV).
    Job search in Luxembourg for foreigners starts with creating a curriculum vitae (CV)
    Download document sample (.pdf, 988.3 kB)
  3. If the documents are not in French, German or English, a translation must be provided

    Only the necessary documents that are required for moving to Luxembourg have to be translated in your country of origin. Normally, a notarized translation is enough. However, you can ask a sworn translator in Luxembourg to certify the translation.

    All personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) need to be apostilled. An apostille can only be issued by the state authorities of the country that issued the document. It is impossible for anyone else to do this. Diplomas do not need to be apostilled, unless your employer specifically demands it.

  4. Submit documents

    Submit an application for a temporary residence permit (see section 1) with the complete set of documents (see section 2) to the Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg or to a diplomatic representative.

  5. Get a temporary residence permit (temporary autorisation to stay)
    This is the document sent by the post letter, that has an official stamp and signature on it. It states that the permission to obtain the residence permit is granted and you need to proceed with the next steps of the application process within 90 days of acquiring the paper. Note, that it is a post letter, not an email.
    Download document sample (.pdf, 6.18 MB)


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