Luxembourg qualified for the Eurovision final

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Photo: screenshot of the official broadcast of Eurovision 2024

Photo: screenshot of the official broadcast of Eurovision 2024

It would not be wrong to say that the contestant from Luxembourg was followed particularly closely. After all, the country had not participated in the contest for 30 years, and such a sudden return could not help but attract attention. Moreover, the Grand Duchy is a record-holder in the number of victories - it has won the main prize of the festival no less than 5 times.

During the first qualifying round on Tuesday, May 7, the Luxembourg participant TALI was the last to perform. Before them were the finalists from Serbia, Portugal, Slovenia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia and Ireland. Each country gave the audience a unique experience and an unforgettable performance. Of course, for TALI and her Fighter, the stakes were very high.

This Thursday, May 9th, the second semi-final will be held to determine 10 more contestants. The grand gala concert will take place on Saturday, May 11th in Malmö, Sweden. The live broadcast will start at 21:00.

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