The nominees for the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis 2023 have been announced

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The nominees for the Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis 2023 have been announced

The Film Academy has announced the list of contenders for the title of Best Picture in one or more categories. The total number of nominations is 11 plus a special prize for the best picture in virtual or extended reality. 40 films were shortlisted to compete. A professional jury will evaluate the nominees and announce the results at the awards ceremony on November 11.

Categories and nominations

The nominees for the Best Feature Film or Best Animated Feature Film are:

  • Icare, directed by Carlo Vogele;
  • Io Sto Bene, directed by Donato Rotunno;
  • Kommunioun, directed by Jacques Molitor;
  • Little Duke, directed by Andy Bausch;
  • My Fairy Troublemaker, directed by Caroline Origer;

The nominees for the Best Feature-Length Documentary are:

  • I Fiori Persi, directed by Fabrizio Maltese;
  • L’Invitation, directed by Fabrizio Maltese;
  • L’arrivée de la jeunesse, directed by Fabio Bottani;
  • Michel Majerus – Next Step, directed by Anne Schiltz;
  • Vu Buedem, Bauzen a Biobaueren, directed by Tom Alesch.

There will also be nominations for Best Male Performance and Best Female Performance, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Creative Contribution, and others.

The full list of nominations and participants can be found on the official website of the competition.

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