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How much to tip in Luxembourg

In this article, we will delve into the tipping culture in Luxembourg, we will explore the general expectations regarding tipping in different service industries, and discuss appropriate tipping amounts.

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When traveling abroad, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the tipping customs of the country you're visiting. Tipping practices can vary significantly from one nation to another, and understanding these nuances helps ensure respectful interactions with service providers. While tipping is deeply ingrained in the United States, where it is expected across various trades, other countries, like Japan, consider it insulting. In Europe, tipping customs fluctuate considerably from country to country.

How to give right tips in Luxembourg

Before going into Luxembourgish customs, we will briefly examine the customs of the neighboring countries and we can say beforehand that there is a range of practices.


In Germany, although the service charge is included in the bill, tipping is deeply ingrained in the culture. Taxi drivers, waitstaff, hairdressers, and other service providers generally expect a tip of around 10% of the service amount, which can be lowered to 5% for subpar service.


Moving to France, a law enacted in 1987 mandates a service charge of 15%, which is included in the bills of bars and restaurants. While tipping is welcomed, it is not obligatory and far from being universal.


In the kingdom of beer and fries, Belgium follows a tipping custom similar to that of France. Service charges are typically included in the prices, making tipping non-obligatory. However, if you have particularly enjoyed the service, it is customary to leave a small tip that is seen as an act of courtesy rather than an obligation.


In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, tipping is not mandatory but remains a common practice that allows patrons to express their appreciation and gratitude for excellent service. Following this idea, it is also crucial to understand that the absence of a tip does not imply dissatisfaction with the food or service received.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the specific industries and explore the customary tipping practices in Luxembourg.

Tipping in restaurant

In Luxembourg, tipping in restaurants is generally left to the discretion of the customer. To ensure that your server receives the tip directly, it is recommended to hand it to them in person rather than adding it to the credit card payment.

It is a common practice to leave a tip, which typically ranges between 5% and 10% of the total amount consumed.

However, the customs can vary slightly depending on the origin of the individuals, as Luxembourg attracts a significant number of tourists and has a diverse population. While French, Dutch, and Belgian visitors tend to leave minimal tips, American and English patrons often leave more generous tips due to their cultural norms.

Furthermore, giving a tip in bars and restaurants can be a thoughtful gesture, especially when considering the average waiter's salary in Luxembourg. According to Payscale, the average salary for waiters in Luxembourg is around 30,000 euros per year, which is relatively low compared to the country's average income, despite the high demand for the profession.

Tipping in hotel

When it comes to tipping in hotels in Luxembourg, showing appreciation to the service staff is always welcomed. For porters and bellhops who assist with your luggage, a tip of 1 to 2 euros per bag is considered sufficient.

It is also customary to leave a small tip for housekeeping, with an amount of around 1.50 to 2 euros per day being greatly appreciated. If you utilize room service during your stay, it is also appropriate to provide a small tip to the staff.

Tipping for services

In Luxembourg, tipping customs extend beyond restaurants and hotels to various other services.

Taxi services

While tipping cab drivers is not expected or necessary, it is still appreciated if you choose to leave a tip, especially if the driver has been particularly helpful or has provided valuable recommendations. A simple round-up of the fare can be a thoughtful gesture.


When it comes to food delivery services, tipping is not obligatory, but many customers opt to leave a tip when the service has been of high quality. This is partly due to the reputation of delivery companies in terms of their compensation for drivers. If you decide to tip, it is often recommended to provide the tip directly to the delivery person.


When joining a guided tour in Luxembourg, it is worth noting that tour guides typically receive a tip already included in the total cost of the tour, usually around 10%. Therefore, tipping is not obligatory in this case, however, if you had an exceptional experience and wish to express additional appreciation, you can always consider giving a little extra tip.

As technology advances, Luxembourg tipping customs are evolving as well. In some places, it is now possible to tip for services received through apps like LePourBoire, Tipsi, or Raoul-app. These applications provide a convenient way to express gratitude for excellent service directly from your mobile device.


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