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How to find rental houses

If you are looking for a full relocation rather than a short touristic trip you will need to find a place to stay. This can be a room, or you can rent an apartment or house in Luxembourg, basically a space that is suitable for living.

Where to look for an apartment to rent in Luxembourg: websites, groups, agents

You can rent an apartment in Luxembourg for the short term (up to 3-6 months) or the long term (from half a year to a year or more). Both types of rentals require the tenants to be registered within 3 days in the local commune municipality.

Short-term rental

There are at least three ways to find temporary accommodation in Luxembourg, I.e. to rent an apartment for up to 3-6 months:

  • Airbnb or Booking. This is a popular way to rent an apartment in Luxembourg. It is usually more affordable than a hotel. But it is important to remember that you will have to register in the municipality within 3 days of arrival. Warn your host about it and ask, if registration is possible. Not all owners are willing to register foreigners.
  • Apart-hotel. It is a convenient option for those who want to find permanent accommodation in comfortable conditions and evaluate the options on the spot. Although it is expensive, you won't have to worry about registering - the hotel will take care of everything.
  • Social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, Instagram, internations.org. Not the fastest or easiest, but a possible option: look for posts in expat groups. Communication on social networks is something that can simplify the interaction between a renter and a landlord. Once again, similar to Airbnb or Booking, the owner should be informed right away that you will need to register with the commune.
  • Justlanded. Website for expats from different countries, that offers rent and sale deals in Luxembourg. Mainly the landlords are interested in long-term leases, but you can also negotiate short-term rent.

Lond term rental

There are plenty of options to rent an apartment in Luxembourg for a long period of time (six months or more) as well.

These are official websites, offering apartments from agencies, and they are not recruiting potential clients. You can read about how the rental agency system operates in the interview «Secrets of renting in Luxembourg that you have never been told».

  • Agents and agencies. If you don't want to handle long-term rentals in Luxembourg on your own, you can contact an agency. Agents have lists of apartments that include the owner's preferences, location, possible rental period, and other factors that help to sort the options better. You can also use an agent for short-term rental deals in Luxembourg, but their services are not cheap, so you might want to do it yourself.
  • Street ads. You can walk around the neighborhoods you like, and look for ads for apartments for rent. The signs usually say «a vendre» and a phone number. However, there are not many options and usually, quite expensive premises are rented this way.

Renting in Luxembourg: tips

  1. North is cheaper than the south. In the northern part (Aisling), the rental price is generally lower than in the southern part (Gutland).
  2. The cost of rent in Luxembourg depends on apartment conditions and location (i.e. how privileged the area is). But the maximum rent price per year can not exceed 5% of the value of the house according to the law of Luxembourg.
  3. Money upfront. The tenant always pays the first month's rent in advance.
  4. Agent's commission is paid by the tenant. Typically apartments are rented through an agency in Luxembourg. Agents are the people who contact you, show you everything, and help you negotiate a contract. Usually, the cost of agency services is the amount of monthly rent + VAT 17%.
  5. Bail is obligatory. It is usually the amount of 2-3 months' rent. At the end of the lease, the deposit is returned if the tenant has not damaged or broken anything, and there are no utility bills owed, etc. Otherwise, the deposit is covering damages. When you move in, don't forget to inspect the apartment with the landlord and take pictures of any flaws. Keep in mind that the deposit is not a cover for rent in Luxembourg, that is, this money can not be used to pay for a stay.
  6. Bank guarantee. Don't pay the deposit to the landlord's personal account by bank transfer, make it a simple bank guarantee. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get the deposit back, even if you don't damage anything.
  7. Utility bills are often, but not always (!) included in the monthly rent. The same applies to hot water and garbage collection fee. Check beforehand what is included in the rent, ask the owner for a list and the cost of utilities (les charges).
  8. You can rent a furnished room in Luxembourg in a hostel and this solution will be the most budget-friendly. But in this case, it is also necessary to register within 3 days in the commune.
  9. Remote search for an apartment for rent in Luxembourg is possible with the help of a broker. However, it is more complicated than an offline search, as owners are usually interested in getting to know their tenants in person.

f you are looking for a long stay, it is better to search in person and on the spot for at least a 3-8 weeks period of time. You can rent temporary housing or check into a hotel for such a purpose.

What can make it difficult to rent an apartment in Luxembourg

  1. Absence of a work contract. This is one of the main documents that allows the landlord to be sure of the tenant. Having a contract means being able to pay. If a person is already working here and has a contract, renting an apartment in Luxembourg is more or less simple. However, it is still important that the apartment cost is not too high compared to the salary.
  2. One-parent families. First of all, this applies to single-parent families. If a parent loses the job and will not be able to pay the rent and support the child, owners often can not evict the family according to the laws of Luxembourg.
  3. Low salary. Normally, apartment owners will ask for the last three accounting sheets. It is important for them to understand whether a potential renter has a regular salary, as well as who you work for. This is very important for owners who rent an apartment in Luxembourg. No landlord will rent a property unless the tenant's income is approximately three times the rent plus utilities.
  4. High demand. It is the landlord who chooses the tenants in Luxembourg sometimes: he or she has the right to refuse the tenant without explanation. The tenant submits a set of documents for consideration and waits for the landlord's decision.

Documents a tenant will need

If we're talking about someone who already works here and has a contract, it's simple:

  • A work contract.
  • Passport or residence permit, any legal document that grants the right of residence.
  • The last three payslips. It is very important to understand who the person is, who they work for, what company they are employed by, and whether they have a steady paycheck. This makes a tremendous difference for landlords.
  • If you have children, it would be very helpful to have a certificate of a family membership. Or at least a written mention that there are children and what age they are.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment

You have to be prepared for the fact that the lion's share of your salary, no matter how high it is, will have to go for rent an apartment in Luxembourg. And not all the accommodation will be available for rent with different incomes. Depending on the municipality, the cost varies as well.

In the center of Luxembourg, the average cost of renting a studio apartment is about 1600 euros. With the distance from the capital region prices fall: in Leudelange you can rent on average for 1245 euros per month, in Steinfort the prices are about 1500 euros, and in Vianden, you can even find options for 1000 euros.

However, regardless of the commune, when a person wants to rent a place, he must be prepared for an impressive expense on the first day.

What the tenant pays right away:

  • The cost of the first month's stay.
  • Deposit. Usually, it is an amount equal to the cost of rent for 2-3 months.
  • Agent's fee. They are paid by the person in need, i.e. the tenant. The agency fee is the amount of one month's rent and 17% on top.

Example: A studio apartment in Luxembourg for 1,000 euros

You will need to pay:

1000 euros for the first month;

2000-3000 euro deposit;

1170 euros to the agency.

The total comes out to about 4000-5000 euros.

Additionally, owners often ask to arrange insurance to prevent rental risks (risqué locatifs) with one of the insurance companies, such as LaLux, Baloise and Allianz. The insurance cost depends on how much you decide to insure and what will be included in the insurance coverage (the cost of furniture, appliances, etc.). It can be around 20-30 euros per month.

What you need to know about the rental agreement in Luxembourg

When renting an apartment in Luxembourg, the contract creation and the inspection of the apartment should be taken very seriously. The rental agreement and the act of acceptance transfer are the most important documents that protect both parties. If there is an agent, he will do all the work like drawing up the contract and inspecting the apartment.


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