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How to recycle and dispose of garbage in Luxembourg

In this article we will talk about how to sort and recycle waste in the right way.

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Recycling in Luxembourg is not only important for environmental protection but also provides opportunities for innovation. Many people and organizations are finding new and exciting ways to turn waste into useful products. From upcycling old furniture to creating art from recycled materials, recycling in Luxembourg is a fun and rewarding way to contribute to a more sustainable future and society in general.

Sorting the garbage is an essential key action related to recycling. At first, it seems rather complicated, but the whole system is simple, once you get a grip on how to proceed and identify trash and where to put it. We are here to help you figure out, where and which trash can be thrown away in Luxembourg.

Whether you are a newcomer or have been a resident for a long time, it's always a great idea to start recycling in Luxembourg or to go on to the next level of ecological lifestyle with our advice.

Garbage recycling in Luxembourg

If you live in the City, you will find all the important information about recycling on the Ville de Luxembourg website. For municipalities, check the website of local communes or ask for information at the local town hall.

The City of Luxembourg’s Service d’hygiène is in charge of the mixed residual waste and recyclable materials removal in the various districts of the city, as well as cleaning streets and certain public places. They have created special Waste Guidelines, that describe the process of garbage disposal in Luxembourg City. You can use it as a memo. The Guide is available in English.

special Waste Guidelines
special Waste Guidelines

Waste Act in Luxembourg

The Waste Act is a law, implemented in 2022 in the Grand Duchy, that aims to reduce waste and increase recycling rates in the country. The law includes a range of measures that will be gradually implemented until the year 2025. It is part of a bigger initiative by the European Commission in order to maintain responsible packaging and waste management in Europe.

The Act includes various domestic changes, that apply to ordinary life, like reformations of the recycling parks and no-flyers policy in mailboxes until explicitly asked for. But most importantly, there have been radical changes in the work of supermarkets and shops' packaging.

From now on, the supermarkets will no longer distribute free plastic bags, and customers are asked to bring their reusable bags or purchase eco-responsible options, provided by the stores. You can find paper bags, recycled plastic bags, and fabric nets.

Plastic-wrapped fruits and vegetables in small quantities (under 1,5 kilos) will also no longer be available. Instead, fruits must be collected into eco-friendly reusable nets, or recyclable packaging, which will still cost you some additional money in the store. The best option is to get reusable bags on your own and take them with you for shopping.

Read more about the best places to buy food and organic markets in the Grand Duchy in our articles:

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The special rules apply to businesses that interact with packaging in any form. Companies are responsible for the packaging waste, whether they purchased or sold it with the product. They are supposed to recycle at least 60% of the packaging waste. You can find more information on the Guichet website.

Valorlux blue bags

Valorlux is a non-profit organization in Luxembourg that aims to promote sustainable waste management practices and increase recycling rates in the country. The organization was founded in 1995 and recognized the need for a coordinated effort to improve waste management and recycling in Luxembourg.

Today, Valorlux is a key player in the sector, working with businesses, individuals, and municipalities to develop and implement effective waste reduction strategies. The organization provides a range of services and resources, including educational programs, recycling collection points, and the Valorlux blue bag system for household recycling.

You must have noticed this blue and sometimes green bags around the country. Valorlux blue bags are special recycling bags that are used in Luxembourg to collect and recycle certain types of household waste. These bags are provided by the Valorlux organization and are available for purchase at most supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores throughout Luxembourg. They can also be ordered on the website of company (you will need to create an account), or collected at the commune center.

Luxtoday collage (Images from Valorlux website)
Luxtoday collage (Images from Valorlux website)

The blue bags are specifically designed to collect certain types of recyclable waste, such as plastic, metal, and tetra pack. To use a Valorlux blue bag, simply fill it with the appropriate type of recyclable waste and tie it securely before placing it next to your bins once every two weeks. You can check the Valorlux collection calendar on their website for your commune.

There are multiple types of garbage you can put into the blue bag in Luxembourg:

  • Plastic bottles and containers, including water bottles, soft drink bottles, and detergent bottles;
  • Metal packaging, including food and drink cans, candle cups, foils, and pet food trays (clean);
  • Tetra pack beverage cartons, including milk cartons, juice cartons, and soup cartons;
  • Plastic bags and films, including plastic wrap (must be clean and dry), caps, and lids;
  • Plastic pots and trays, including yogurt cups, containers, plastic flower pots, and punnets.

It's important to note that the Valorlux blue bag should not be used for other types of waste, such as glass, paper, or textiles, that go into colored bins. Also, there are a lot of items, that are not allowed into Valorlux bags, such as black plastic, foam trays, multi-layer packaging (like pouches of cat food), and medication packaging.

Valorlux has a special memo for the right disposal of recyclable waste into the blue bag. It is a one-page reminder, that you can put on your fridge or the community posting board, and sort the garbage right.

Special memo
Special memo

Recycle bins and their colors

First of all, environmental responsibility in Luxembourg is promoted, among other things, economically. You can skip sorting your garbage, but this will usually cost you a lot more. For example, the removal of unsorted waste (also called mixed residual waste) in the private sector is covered by a special payment scheme: residents pay for each container or for each kilogram of waste in the container.

According to approximate calculations of Ville de Luxembourg, disposing of one usual black bin for residual waste of 240 liters will cost 600 euros per year. While recycling by sorting the garbage, which includes 60 liters of mixed waste, alongside 120 liters bins for paper and glass, as well as 40 liters of organic waste, will cost 220 euros per year in fees.

These calculations can be made with help of the service for optimizing sorting expenses calculator at the Ville de Luxembourg website.

All trash containers in Luxembourg have their own color scheme, to make it easier to sort the garbage. You can orient the color to figure out what can be thrown away in the container. If you are unsure about a specific object that you want to throw away, use the A-Z Recycling help from the official resource.

Luxtoday collage (Images from Valorlux website)
Luxtoday collage (Images from Valorlux website)
Blue bin
Green bin
Brown bin
Black bin

How to order a bin for your trash

Ville de Luxembourg website
Ville de Luxembourg website

If you live in Luxembourg City, most of the time the property owners and managing companies in multi-flat buildings will order waste bins for you. To do so, one must submit a written request using the Delivery/removal of bins with/without lock form on the official website. The request should specify the type and number of bins required or to be removed. There are various options of bins available, for different volumes, with locks or without, and, of course, different colors.

The annual charge for bin services will be billed to the person who submits the request. The billing process is handled by the City of Luxembourg's Service Impositions (Municipal Tax Department).

If you live outside of Luxembourg City, the owner or managing company will also take care of the bins. In case you have your own property, to order a bin or remove it, you need to contact the municipality. For example, in Esch-sur-Alzette, you need to contact the Biergeramt. Then you will also need to fill out the form and you will receive your bins.

How garbage is picked up in Luxembourg

The rules are pretty simple. If you want your bins to be emptied, you need to take a few simple steps and keep in mind the schedule of the pickup. For a more detailed schedule, take a look at the garbage collection calendar for Luxembourg City on the official website by the street address.

In order to ensure efficient waste collection, follow these guidelines:

  • Place your bins on the pavement in front of your house. This must be done before 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection. Collections are typically made between 6:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
  • Bring your bins back in as soon as the waste collection vehicle has passed. Unless you have arranged for your bins to be cleaned. Cleaning services must be requested in advance.
  • Avoid obstructing the pavement and allow space for pedestrians to pass.
  • Make sure to close the lids of your bins properly to ensure they can be emptied without any issues.
  • Note that bins containing unauthorized items will not be emptied.
For apartment
For private estates
Schedule of garbage collection

Special waste and seasonal garbage disposal


The colored bins are taken care of on a weekly basis:
– Blue for paper and cardboard;
– Black for mixed residual waste;
– Green for glass (bottles and jars);
– Brown for organic waste.

Every two weeks

Twice a month your recyclable household waste in blue or green Valorlux bags will be picked up. These include juice and milk cartons, plastic bottles, metal soda cans, metal lids, and every other item that can be recycled and goes into the bag according to the rules we mentioned earlier.

By request

Garbage is taken out either by a garbage collection company by preliminary call or e-mail request, or by the owner himself — the trash can be taken to a special recycling center.
Garden waste is collected into open bags or containers of usually green color outside the city. This is waste, that can not be put into organic brown bins. Garden waste is considered to be cut branches of bushes, hedges, trees, weeds, plants with soil and no pots, etc. Grass clippings and tree trunks cannot be placed in these containers. If you put something not allowed into the bin, the garbage will not be taken away and a «re-sort» sticker will be put on it. The total weight of garbage must not exceed 25 kg and the length of cut branches – is 1.5 meters.
Bulk waste (large-scaled garbage) is collected by appointment. Some medium-scale objects can be brought to the recycling center. The bulk trash includes old furniture and household appliances, scrap metal, and wooden pallets.

Non-standard bulky garbage

Garbage that is either hazardous, difficult to dispose of, or can be used for charity is taken out on a special schedule and can involve both municipalities and the public. They are either collected in special places, or on a unique timetable.

Most of this trash can be recycled if collected and separated in the right way.

Clothing, shoes and textiles

In Luxembourg, there are 56 white and red containers labeled TEXTILES where you can drop off clothes and fabrics. The clothes must be dry, without stains of varnish, paint and oil, packed in plastic bags. The charity organizations Aide aux Enfants Handicapes du Grand-Duché and Kolping Luxembourg collect second-hand items for donations. You can either take things to the container at any time or wait for the charity campaigns, which are held twice a year – in March-April and in September. Check the websites of these organizations for the exact dates.

Construction-related debris

Construction waste requires separation into categories of rubble, concrete, plexiglass, and others. When planning to renovate your home or start a construction project, contact a recycling center in advance to get instructions on how to dispose of your waste.

Batteries and accumulators

Batteries contain toxic substances like mercury, cadmium, and lead. Don't throw them away with your regular waste, as this can release these substances into the soil. Use the special battery collection public containers located in schools, businesses, and stores. You can dispose of any type of batteries and accumulators, but make sure that they are not damaged.

Christmas trees

Christmas trees are recycled according to a collection schedule that is individual for each residence. The schedule is published on the Ville de Luxembourg website and on the websites of the communes. In order to have a Christmas tree picked up, you need to put it by the side of the road before 6 a.m. on the day of collection. Trees above 2 meters in height must be sawn in half.

Toxic waste

Toxic waste should be disposed of in sturdy sealed plastic containers or bags of any color. This includes chemicals, cleaning supplies, insect and rodent poison, quicksilver thermometers, lighters, needles, syringes, fertilizers, paint and varnishes, glue, liquid fuel and other objects. The full list can be found on the website.

Do not throw away radioactive waste and explosives this way! You should take this garbage to the Luxembourg Recycling Centers or to the SuperDrecksK¨scht fir Biirger mobile collection points.

Toxic waste must not be thrown in the trash or down the drain. Neither should you put this kind of waste in or near bins with batteries, glass, or paper. This is not safe.

Cleaning up after pets

When walking your pet, local regulations recommend that you clean up after your beloved animal. For this purpose, there are special bags, which are held in yellow boxes with a picture of a dog. Crates are installed in every public place - at the park entrances, on the sidewalks along the streets, and near the tourist offices. You can also request the bags from the recycling center, this is covered by your taxes on owning the pet.

When you collected the waste in the bag, you can throw it away into the black bin. The droppings of smaller pets, who live at home, can be thrown away into brown bins as organic waste.

Recycle centers in Luxembourg

Google Maps, Suneela Isaak, Recycling center of Ville de Luxembourg
Google Maps, Suneela Isaak, Recycling center of Ville de Luxembourg

Recycling centers are designed to help you separate your waste into different categories, making it easier for the materials to be disposed of correctly. Typically, the recycling centers will have separate containers for various types of waste, such as paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, glass, organic waste, and even more.

In addition to curbside collecting of bins, which are traditional, you can bring special types of waste into the recycle centers, that can not be put into containers and Valorlux bags. The recycling centers in the Grand Duchy are run by various organizations. There are over 20 recycling centers located throughout the country, which are open to both residents and businesses.

Recycling Center of Luxembourg City and Strassen

It provides its services free of charge but is only available to residents of these municipalities: to access the center you will need a special card. Luxembourg City recycling center is managed by the Service Hygiène, and is accessible for local businesses too — on Tuesdays and Fridays, while Mondays and Saturdays are reserved for private individuals.

It is important to note that only clean and sorted in advance waste can be accepted in this recycling center in Luxembourg. Materials for recycling must also be separated according to waste type, while hazardous substances must be brought for disposal to a different center — to the

Small quantities of bulky waste can be accepted for recycling. However, it is important to keep in mind that parking is limited and, therefore, transportation of waste by trailer, van, lorry, tow truck, or similar vehicles is only allowed if parking spaces are available.

Address: Rue du Stade, 48 Route d'Arlon, L-2547 Luxembourg.

Phone: +352 47 96 36 40

The Center operates from Monday to Friday, with opening hours from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The last entry is at 19:15 and 17:45, respectively.

Recycling centers of SIDEC

SIDEC (Syndicat Intercommunal pour la Gestion de Dechetes) is a public organization created in 1972 by several municipalities in Luxembourg to manage the collection and recycling of packaging waste. Its main goal is to ensure that packaging waste is properly collected, sorted, and recycled in a sustainable way, in accordance with European and national regulations.

The organization provides collection bins and recycling centers throughout the country and works closely with local authorities, waste management companies, and other stakeholders to promote recycling and reduce waste. It is also responsible for organizing awareness campaigns and educational programs.

They have four recycling parks, that are located in Diekirch-Fridhaff, Mersch, Lentzweiler, and Redange. Since 2020, there is a fee system, that covers the work of these centers. You can find pricing in the

The center facilitates reusable objects, materials, problematic waste, or non-recyclable waste to be recycled or processed in an environmentally friendly way. More than 30 different waste types from households can be disposed of here.

Recycling center in Fridhaff (Diekirch)

Address: 43, Fridhaff L-9379 DiekirchPhone: (+352) 80 89 83 38

Recycling center in Mersch

Address: Mierscherbierg L-7526 MerschPhone: (+352) 32 01 92

Recycling center in Redange

Address: Rue de Niederpallen L-8506 RedangePhone: (+352) 26 62 09 13

Recycling center in Lentzweiler

Address: 4, op der Bréimicht L-9779 LentzweilerPhone: (+352) 26 91 40 09

These recycling centers work on the same schedule. They are open Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Recycling center in Schifflange

Also known as SIVEC, the recycling park in the commune of Schifflage is available for the companies and residents of this municipality. They collect various waste, including refrigerating and electronic appliances, demolition waste, bulky waste, scrap metal, aluminum foil, cork, plastic materials, rubber parts, used tires, hollow glass, old wood and textiles, and others.

This center does not accept hazardous, explosive waste and domestic trash, that can be disposed of with ordinary bins. To access the recycling in this facility, you will need a SIVEC card (for residents) and also you will have to make an appointment. You can do it online with their official website form.

Address: 2-4 um Däich, 3841 Schifflange

Phone: (+352) 54 98 98

The recycling center is open from 8 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. every day, except Monday and Sunday. On Wednesdays, the center is open until 5:50 p.m.


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