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MBA in Luxembourg in 2024

This article explores the Master of Business Administration programs offered in Luxembourg, including program details, admissions requirements, and potential benefits of studying business in a multicultural hub.

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While Luxembourg may be a small country, and its educational offerings potentially more limited compared to larger European counterparts, several top-notch business schools provide Luxembourg MBA programs of excellent quality and reputation.

Wait, what exactly is an MBA?

As we mentioned in our article about studying in Luxembourg, the Grand Duchy is increasingly attracting students. In 2022 alone, 633 individuals arrived in Luxembourg for study-related reasons, with some coming to pursue an MBA. But what exactly is an MBA? Before moving on to the list of MBAs in Luxembourg for international students, let's clear up these questions.

MBA or Master of Business Administration

This is a postgraduate degree focused on business management and administration. Typically designed for professionals seeking to develop advanced skills in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and business strategy, MBAs are often practical and application-oriented programs. They typically span two years and are offered in both on-campus and online formats.

A master's degree is a more general term referring to a postgraduate degree awarded after completing an advanced academic program in a specific field. While its duration is similar, ranging from one to two years, its focus differs significantly. Master's degrees can span various disciplines, including social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, or engineering, among others. Unlike an MBA, which specifically focuses on business management and is typically practical, a master's degree may have a more academic or research-oriented approach in its field of study.

The primary difference lies in the focus and objective of each program: the MBA is geared towards business management and administration, while a master's degree may encompass a variety of academic and professional areas. 

An MBA can be a highly appealing and suitable option in multiple cases.

Professionals with previous work experience in business
Those already experienced in the business field can greatly benefit from an MBA, as it provides them with additional skills and knowledge in management and leadership to advance their careers.
Entrepreneurs and business owners
Individuals looking to start their own business or grow an existing one may find that an MBA equips them with the necessary skills and networking opportunities to succeed in the business world.
Professionals in technical roles aiming for managerial positions
Engineers, scientists, and other technical professionals seeking to advance into leadership and management roles may find that an MBA provides them with the business skills necessary to complement their technical expertise.
Career transition professionals
Those looking to transition into the business world from another field may find that an MBA provides them with the credibility and skills necessary to successfully make that transition.
Professionals seeking to internationalize their careers
An MBA offers opportunities to develop a global perspective on business, which can be especially beneficial for those looking to work in international business environments.
Professionals seeking an industry change
Individuals wishing to switch industries may find that an MBA provides them with the opportunity to acquire industry-specific knowledge and skills relevant to their desired field.
Professionals aiming to increase their earning potential
In many cases, an MBA can lead to greater job opportunities and higher salaries, making it an attractive option for those looking to increase their long-term earning potential.
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Top MBA programs in Luxembourg

Now that we've clarified the distinctions between an MBA and a master's degree and identified who might benefit from pursuing an MBA, let's find out more about why Luxembourg is an ideal location for studying an MBA. Some of the most compelling reasons include.

World-class European education
Luxembourg boasts world-class educational institutions offering internationally recognized MBA programs. Studying at a renowned institution in Luxembourg can enhance your resume and expand your professional prospects.
More opportunities
Pursuing an MBA in Luxembourg unlocks job opportunities in Luxembourg in the European Union. Studying in Luxembourg provides opportunities to build professional networks within the country and across Europe. Many educational institutions in Luxembourg have close ties with local and international businesses, facilitating employment opportunities in Luxembourg or other European countries post-MBA. Additionally, the salary after an MBA in Luxembourg can be quite high if you find a job in the country, as Luxembourg offers one of the highest salary levels in the European Union and worldwide.
Business environment
What better place to study business than in a location where financial services are at the heart of the economy? Pursuing a Master of Business Administration in a country where financial businesses thrive offers the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and access job opportunities in the financial sector.
Broad worldview
Luxembourg's population is notably multicultural, with 47.4% of its total population consisting of foreigners. Studying in Luxembourg allows you to make friends from around the world, exposing you to unique perspectives, adventures, and opportunities.
Language practice
While English is commonly used for international MBA programs in Luxembourg, the country's official languages are French, German, and Luxembourgish. Immersing yourself in a multilingual environment can enhance your language skills. Interacting with these languages in everyday life, social interactions, media, and administration settings can facilitate language learning. Taking additional French or German courses can further accelerate your language acquisition. Mastering multiple languages can be a significant asset in the European job market.
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With ample reasons to pursue an MBA in the Grand Duchy, the next question to address is: Where to obtain it? MBA programs are typically offered by business schools rather than universities. If you're seeking an MBA at the University of Luxembourg, you won't find one. 

Now you are probably wondering what's all this about MBAs and business schools in Luxembourg, let's clear things up a bit. The primary difference between a university and a business school lies in their educational focus and program offerings. While a university encompasses a wide range of academic disciplines, a business school specializes in business and management education and research. Business schools offer programs specifically designed to prepare students for careers in business, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA), as well as specialized programs in areas like finance, marketing, and human resources.

An important point to note is that public universities, like the University of Luxembourg, often offer master's programs for a few hundred euros, while private universities, such as business schools, typically have much higher tuition fees.

With these common questions and important points covered, we will now explore the best institutions to pursue an MBA in Luxembourg and other important details such as Luxembourg MBA fees, the duration of the programs and other important details.


The Luxembourg School of Business (LSB) was founded a decade ago, in 2014, and is Luxembourg's only accredited graduate business school. LSB is the sole Luxembourgish institution that is a member of AACSB International, and it is currently in the process of accreditation with AACSB. Situated in the historic Château de Septfontaines, formerly the Faïencerie Villeroy & Boch porcelain factory, the LSB campus is located in a picturesque area near the center of Luxembourg City.

Source: Luxembourg School of Business
1-2 year
duration depending on the program
39,000 euros
tuition fees for EU students 
37,000 euros
tuition fees for non-EU students

LSB offers two MBA programs, one full-time and the other exclusively during weekends, making it a great option for those seeking a part-time MBA in Luxembourg. Both MBA programs have a general management focus, equipping students with both hard and soft business skills within a global context. These programs prepare students to tackle challenges, work in teams, develop critical thinking, behavioral and technological skills, facilitate intercultural learning, and networking.

The two MBA programs are similar in content, but the Weekend MBA is designed to offer maximum flexibility to full-time working professionals, providing all the advantages of an on-campus program. Faculty for these MBA programs come from some of the world's best business schools, including MIT, Cornell University, ESADE, and SDA Bocconi, among others.

Duration and schedule
Admissions requirements
Tuition fees
46 Côte d'Eich 1450, 1450 Pafendall Luxembourg
Education fees

The curriculum focuses on developing a broad range of business competencies, preparing you to excel in various leadership roles across different industries. If you're a motivated professional with a clear goal of accelerating your ascent into leadership positions within a global business landscape, the LSB MBA program offers a compelling path with its streamlined format, emphasis on general management expertise, international exposure, and unique leadership development. opportunities.


UBI Business School (formerly known as United Business Institutes) is a private institution of higher education located in Brussels, Luxembourg, and Shanghai. It offers Bachelor of Science (BSc), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs in Business Studies and Administration. Established as a non-profit organization in Brussels in 1992, the Luxembourg site is nestled within the picturesque and historic Wiltz Castle in the city of Wiltz in the north of Luxembourg.

UBI. Source:
1-2 year
duration according to personal needs
19,950 euros
tuition fees for EU students
28,500 euros
tuition fees for non-EEA student

The MBA program at United Business School in Luxembourg provides a comprehensive approach to professional development, blending theoretical knowledge with practical skills for a globalized business landscape.

Program overview
Admissions requirements
Duration and schedule
Tuition fees
9516 Wiltz, Luxembourg
Education fees

UBI's Luxembourg MBA is a contender, but consider your priorities. It emphasizes digitalization and global business skills, aligning well with today's market. Their faculty is impressive, combining practical experience with academic backgrounds.

International MBA at HEC Liège Luxembourg

HEC Liège is the Business School of the University of Liège (ULiège). The University of Liège actively participates in a network of over 900 international universities that promote student exchange, research, and competencies. Meanwhile, HEC Liège stands as one of Belgium's leading business schools offering graduate programs.

HEC Liège Luxembourg, source: HEC Liège Luxembourg
2 years
average duration of the MBA program
39,000 euros
tuition fees for the MBA with internship
29,000 euros
tuition fees for the MBA without an internship

The HEC Liège Business School offers an International MBA in Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce. This MBA program boasts the following features.

Internship options
Admission requirements
Tuition fees

This program seems ideally suited for working professionals with some experience who are looking to take the next step in their careers. It caters well to those seeking a comprehensive MBA that integrates academic rigor with practical learning. The option to forego an internship is particularly attractive for those already committed to full-time work.

How to enroll?

If you would like to know more about how to enroll in these programs, or in general what you need to do to enroll in a business school or university, we recommend you read our article "How to study in Luxembourg" where we discuss these topics in detail.

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