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Vegan and vegetarian restaurants, shops and cafes in Luxembourg

Explore the refined landscape of Luxembourg's plant-based dining and retail establishments for vegans and vegetarians.

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While precise statistics on the veganism trend in the Grand Duchy remain elusive, one cannot ignore the vast landscape of vegan establishments in both the food and non-food sectors. This presence is not only indicative of the changing culinary preferences of Luxembourgers but also speaks to the growing consciousness about the environment, animal rights, and personal health.

Vegan movement in Luxembourg is supported by the Vegan Society Luxembourg. This nonprofit organization promotes veganism by educating and raising awareness about animal rights, the environment, and the health benefits of a diet.

In this article, we will observe vegan and vegetarian options available in the Grand Duchy, starting from restaurants and cafes, and adding even more with our selection of specialized stores and shops for vegans.

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants

It's first essential to clarify the distinction between these two dietary choices. Veganism is a lifestyle that excludes all animal-derived products, including meat, dairy, and eggs, from one's diet. In contrast, vegetarianism, while also eschewing meat, permits the consumption of animal by-products such as dairy and eggs.

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Now, let's step into the vibrant world of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Luxembourg, where plant-based dishes await. If you have other dietary restrictions, see our related article on Gluten-free and lactose-free restaurants and coffee places in Luxembourg, where we explore more options for allergen-free dining.

Beet: best vegan restaurant in town

Founded in June 2015 in the heart of Luxembourg's city center, 🌱 Beet Restaurant underwent a remarkable transformation in 2018 when it embraced a fully vegan menu and became one of the best vegan restaurants in Luxembourg. Beyond its delectable plant-based cuisine, Beet stands as a beacon of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Step inside, and you'll find an inviting, relaxed ambiance.

Beet's core philosophy centers on local support, recycling, and waste reduction, making it a top choice for eco-conscious diners seeking a positive dining impact. The commitment extends beyond the plate, with organic and local materials in the interior decor.

The menu at Beet boasts a diverse array of vegan delicacies, crafted primarily from organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Moreover, many dishes can be tailored to accommodate gluten-free or lactose-free dietary preferences, ensuring that Beet offers an inclusive and guilt-free dining experience.

Nirvana Cafe: vegan Indian restaurant

Nirvana Café on Tripadvisor
Nirvana Café on Tripadvisor

Nestled within a convenient stroll from the train station, 🌱 Nirvana Café stands as a beacon of exquisite Indian vegan dining in Luxembourg. Since its transformation into a fully vegan restaurant in May 2016, this establishment has become a cherished gem for enthusiasts of both Indian cuisine and ethical dining.

As a remarkable social initiative, Nirvana Café passionately champions vegan principles, offering a 100% vegan menu since its transition. Every dish reflects this dedication, completely free from animal-derived elements. But still, with a daily changing lunchtime dish, guests enjoy balanced protein sources in their diets.

At Nirvana Café, beyond gastronomy, the restaurant extends its devotion to the environment by meticulously monitoring waste and minimizing its ecological footprint, aligning every aspect of its ethos with conscious dining.

Glow: bakery, cafe, restaurant, all vegan

Glow website
Glow website

🌱 Glow isn't just a vegan restaurant in Luxembourg; it's a welcoming culinary haven that seamlessly blends a coffee corner, bakery, and health-conscious dining.

This cozy establishment has carved a niche for itself by offering a delectable selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes inspired by flavors from around the world. Glow also stands out for its unwavering commitment to using local and seasonal ingredients.

Glow isn't just about food; it's an experience. Amidst your meal, you can delve into their free library, sipping a steaming cup of tea or coffee while engrossed in a captivating book.

With menu prices ranging from 3 to 15 euros, Glow caters to various budgets without compromising on taste or nutrition. Their diverse menu includes tempting options like

Latin Quinoa & Bean Soup,

Black Bean Sweet Potato Salad with Mango & Avocado,

Millet Balls in Tomato Peanut Sauce, along with an array of salads.

In addition to being vegan, most of their dishes are also gluten-free, making it a perfect destination for those with dietary restrictions seeking scrumptious and nutritious dining experiences.

Lokaal: responsible groceries and packaging

Local website
Local website

🌱 Lokaal, a unique fusion of restaurant and small grocery shop, has always championed local food and seasonal eating. Now, they've taken it up a notch with a wholehearted embrace of a plant-based concept, becoming a fully vegan restaurant in 2022.

At Lokaal, local components take precedence in their selection, ensuring the most sustainable ingredients. For items that can't be sourced locally, they meticulously vet products for organic, sustainable, and ethical production.

Their chef crafts daily vegan dishes using seasonal ingredients, offering an ever-changing menu that mirrors nature's rhythm. To align with their environmental ethos, Lokaal exclusively employs 100% biodegradable and compostable plant-based packaging.

Rawdish: vegan food to-go

Rawdish website
Rawdish website

🌱 Rawdish isn't your typical Luxembourg vegan restaurant. Here, you won't wait for your food; it's ready to enjoy as soon as you arrive. With over 30 options, including hot dishes, salads, desserts, and cold-pressed juices, the menu at Rawdish caters to every craving. Simply choose your dish, pay, and relish your meal in-house, or take it with you to work or any preferred location.

Located near the train station, this is a great place to grab a vegan lunch or snack.

For those seeking ultimate convenience, Rawdish offers online ordering and hassle-free delivery. Plus, they prioritize organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Snack in Joy: vegan fast food in Luxembourg

Snack in Joy Instagram page
Snack in Joy Instagram page

🌱 Snack in Joy is your go-to vegan restaurant in Luxembourg, where fast food meets compassionate dining. Their diverse menu boasts a delectable range of vegan options, from mouthwatering hamburgers and dürüm to Belgian-style boulettes à la Liégeoise and classic bouchées à la reine.

Craving something spicy? Try their curry wurst or chili sin carne. For a lighter bite, explore their bowls, sandwiches, wraps, and, of course, crispy french fries. The best part is that you can conveniently order online and enjoy their scrumptious offerings delivered to your doorstep.

Zoylitas: vegan Mexican food

Zoylitas Instagram page
Zoylitas Instagram page

Nestled in the heart of Bonnevoie, 🌱 Zoylitas is an exciting newcomer to the culinary scene. This Mexican TacoBar is a breath of fresh air for plant-based food enthusiasts. Recently opened, it has quickly become a hotspot for those seeking vibrant flavors without compromising on their ethical choices.

Zoylitas offers a tantalizing array of plant-based delights. While tacos take center stage, their menu extends to include chayote, sikil pak, enchiladas, salsas, dips, flan, and more. Whether you're savoring Chayote with Green Mole, indulging in Enchiladas Verde, or enjoying the Smokey-P Tacos, every bite promises great balanced Mexican flavors.

Krishna Vilas: Indian restaurant without meat


Krishna Vilas is your gateway to an exquisite world of 100% Indian vegetarian dishes. This culinary gem first opened its doors in 2018 in Den Haag, Netherlands. Fueled by a passion for vegetarian cuisine and a growing demand, it expanded to Utrecht, followed by Eindhoven in 2020.

The journey didn't stop there; in 2021, Krishna Vilas opened one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Luxembourg with Indian flavors and they have ambitious plans to open several more branches across Europe.

Their menu, meticulously designed by seasoned specialty chefs with years of experience in India's finest restaurants, showcases a wide array of authentic South Indian and North Indian vegetarian curries. These dishes are served with warm naans/rotis and aromatic basmati rice, creating a perfect harmony of health, flavor, and vegan/vegetarian delights.

Shops with vegan products in Luxembourg

In this section we'll discover a selection of establishments in Luxembourg that embrace the vegan philosophy and uphold respect for animals through their products. While we've curated a few highlights, it's worth noting that Luxembourg offers a diverse landscape of vegan-friendly shops, with many more waiting to be explored.

Beyond Nutrition health supplements for vegans

Beyond Nutrition website
Beyond Nutrition website

At Beyond Nutrition, a profound commitment to both personal health and animal welfare forms the foundation of their premium health supplements. Here, you'll discover a range of vegan products that have not been tested on animals and are meticulously curated to support your well-being, athletic pursuits, and vitality.

Founded by Yves Schmit, Beyond Nutrition was born out of a pursuit of high-quality nutritional supplements. Frustrated by the lack of transparency, natural ingredients, and scientific rigor in many existing brands, Yves embarked on a mission to create his own brand in 2017.

The name signifies the brand's commitment to going above and beyond conventional supplements. Every product is crafted with a clear purpose, leveraging the power of nature's synergy between purely natural ingredients.

Domaine Kox vegan wines in Luxembourg

Domaine Kox website
Domaine Kox website

In the heart of Luxembourg's wine country, Domaine Kox stands as a pioneer in crafting vegan, fair, and sustainable wines. In the world of winemaking, animal clarifiers have traditionally been employed to refine wines. However, since 2013, the L&R Kox winery has charted a different path, prioritizing a cruelty-free approach.

Their grapes, tenderly handpicked and meticulously processed, give rise to a portfolio of dry, elegant, and perfectly balanced quality wines along the picturesque Luxembourg Moselle. Domaine Kox is not just a winery; it's a testament to a new era of conscious winemaking that respects both the environment and the palate.

J’adore Bio and responsible makeup

J’adore Bio website
J’adore Bio website

J'adore bio, a charming e-shop and boutique nestled in the heart of Luxembourg City offers organic cosmetics and cruelty-free makeup. What sets them apart is their meticulous curation of products that are not only vegan and low waste but also kind to both people and the planet.

Co-founded by Agnieszka, J'adore bio was inspired by her personal journey toward a healthier lifestyle. This boutique is designed to empower you to take small steps toward making better choices in your everyday life. Agnieszka's commitment to quality is unmatched; she personally handpicks each product and scrutinizes every ingredient to ensure it aligns with their strict criteria.

Vegan cafes and other interesting spots in Luxembourg

In our final section, we venture beyond vegan restaurants and shops to uncover a selection of intriguing spots in Luxembourg that cater to conscious choices. From eco-friendly havens to cozy vegan cafés and captivating sites that defy categorization, these destinations offer a unique perspective on ethical living in the Grand Duchy.

Seed by Beet

Beet Instagram page
Beet Instagram page

🌱 Seed is more than just a coffee shop; it's a vibrant vegan oasis nestled in Luxembourg City. As the little sister of the renowned vegan restaurant and café we mentioned before — — Seed inherits the same unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

This eco-friendly place provides a relaxed, quality-driven atmosphere where plant-based beverages and meticulously crafted coffees take center stage. Much like its sister restaurant, Seed also caters to dietary needs with gluten-free and lactose-free options, ensuring that everyone can savor their offerings.

Sustained Association

Established in January 2017, is a dynamic non-profit association rooted in the principles of sustainability. Their mission revolves around the "5 Rs" concept: Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle, and Reinvent. However, their primary passion lies in upcycling, breathing new life into discarded materials such as skateboards, jeans, fabrics, and wood. stands out for its dedication to crafting unique objects, from decorations and bags to jewelry and art, all proudly made in Luxembourg. These artistic creations find their way to various local markets and events, showcasing the transformative power of conscious design.

For those eager to explore their eco-conscious artistry,'s products are accessible through their Facebook and Instagram pages. If you're drawn to one of their innovative pieces, don't hesitate to reach them out and make a sustainable statement with a touch of Luxembourgian creativity.


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