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Cleaning jobs in Luxembourg: wages, requirements, documents

Cleaning jobs ensure hygiene and well-being in various environments, including residential buildings, offices, and hospitals. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of cleaning jobs in Luxembourg, focusing on required skills, available training, working conditions, and future prospects.

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The building cleaning sector employs a significant number of people in Luxembourg compared to other European countries. When ranking European countries by the percentage of people employed in this sector, Luxembourg stood fourth in 2021, following Belgium, Spain, and France at the top of the list.

Overview of the cleaning jobs in Luxembourg

Cleaning personnel play vital roles in maintaining hygiene and order in various environments. Their duties include cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, handling chemicals safely, waste collection and disposal, vacuuming and mopping floors, washing windows, and maintaining common areas. They may also be responsible for replenishing cleaning supplies and reporting any maintenance issues. Additionally, they must follow safety protocols to prevent accidents and protect their health.

Cleaning personnel can work in a variety of places and areas, including:

  • Residences and apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Hotels and lodging establishments
  • Shopping malls and stores
  • Industrial facilities
  • Airports and transportation terminals
Pros and cons
Many cleaning jobs offer flexible hours, which can be beneficial for those who need to accommodate their work with other responsibilities, such as family care or additional studies.
The need for cleaning services is constant in a variety of environments, which can provide job stability and consistent employment opportunities.
In many cases, cleaning personnel work autonomously, providing the opportunity to work independently and organize their own work pace.
Sense of immediate achievement, seeing tangible results of their work quickly can provide a sense of satisfaction and achievement, as cleaning produces visible and rewarding outcomes.
Frequent use of cleaning products and exposure to irritants can be harmful to health, especially for those with chemical sensitivities.
Cleaning may involve lifting heavy objects, standing for long periods, and performing physically demanding tasks, which can increase the risk of injury or fatigue.
Often, cleaning work can go unnoticed or underestimated, leading to a lack of recognition from other staff members or the community at large.
Cleaning personnel may encounter mess, extreme dirtiness, or unpleasant situations, which can be stressful or emotionally challenging.
Source: Eurostat

In Luxembourg, the building cleaning sector employs a significant number of people compared to other European countries. When ranking European countries by the percentage of people employed in this sector, Luxembourg stood fourth in 2021, with 2.53% of the workforce working in this sector, following Belgium, Spain, and France at the top of the list. This highlights the importance and prevalence of cleaning jobs in Luxembourg's workforce.

of employees worked in the building cleaning sector in 2021 in Luxembourg
of value added in the business economy was represented by the building cleaning sector in 2021 in Luxembourg
of employees worked in the building cleaning sector in 2021 in Belgium, which tops the list at the European level

Luxembourg employs more cleaners than most EU countries

Other unskilled jobs in Luxembourg
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Training and skills necessary to work in the cleaning sector

Few people choose to pursue studies in the field of cleaning; rather, jobs in this sector often serve as an entry point to the labor market for certain inactive individuals or immigrants. For instance, among unskilled workers, people aged 50 or older with low qualifications are more likely to work in cleaning jobs. 

While most jobs in this area do not require specific training, acquiring training can facilitate job search, lead to better salaries, and aid in career advancement. It may be beneficial to access cleaning positions that require specific skills to progress. One example of training in the cleaning field in Luxembourg is the "Agent de nettoyage" training provided by ADEM.

In addition to education and excluding job-specific competencies within the cleaning sector, there are several common skills, including:
Attention to Detail
The ability to notice and address dirt, clutter, and cleaning issues meticulously is essential for ensuring a clean and safe environment
Effective Communication
Being able to communicate clearly and precisely with colleagues and supervisors is important for coordinating tasks, reporting problems, and ensuring efficient teamwork
In a cleaning environment, sudden changes in assigned tasks or work schedules may arise. The ability to adapt quickly to these situations is crucial for maintaining productivity and work quality
Collaborating effectively with other members of the cleaning team, as well as with personnel from other areas, fosters a collaborative work environment and helps achieve cleaning objectives more effectively

How to get a cleaning job in Luxembourg?

Below we will explore the various positions available in the cleaning sector in Luxembourg and examine which ones are most in demand.

Top-10 in-demand cleaning roles in Luxembourg

In the cleaning industry, various job roles offer diverse opportunities. Here's a list of 10 key roles:

Cleaning Agent
The role of a cleaning agent is more varied than commonly perceived. They often work in shifts in offices but can also handle industrial sites, specialize in high-level cleanliness, or focus on window cleaning at heights. Regardless of the workplace, they perform cleaning operations following strict hygiene and safety regulations.
Window Cleaner
Window cleaners use professional techniques and specialized equipment to maintain interior and exterior glass surfaces. These services are carried out, either alone or in teams, in various locations such as offices, shops, shopping malls, or others.
High-Rise Window Cleaner
High-rise window cleaners specialize in cleaning hard-to-reach glass surfaces, either due to height or building architecture. They utilize scaffolding, cherry pickers, elevated platforms, or ropes for this purpose. This role requires additional qualifications compared to regular window cleaners.
Cleaning Team Leader
The team leader directly manages cleaning agents. They create schedules in line with client needs, ensure the quality of cleaning services, handle the training of new cleaning agents, and serve as the liaison between the client and the cleaning company in Luxembourg.
Cleaning Sector Manager
Many professional establishments rely on cleaning companies for facility maintenance. Cleaning agents perform cleaning based on specifications agreed upon with the client. The cleaning sector manager oversees a team of employees, manages different workstations, regularly communicates with teams, and maintains good client relations. They ensure that all cleaning tasks are completed as per requirements and that specifications are met, committing to the smooth execution of cleaning services.
Specialized Cleaning Agent
Capable of employing advanced cleaning techniques such as stain removal, stripping, or injection-extraction, and adapting them to various surfaces. They also master the operation of equipment associated with these protocols.
Ultra-Cleanliness Agent
Experts in advanced cleaning techniques and strictly controlled environments. They work on decontamination or bio-cleaning for pharmaceutical, electronic, or food industries.
Cleaning Company Inspector
Responsible for ensuring the quality of cleaning services. They define control criteria based on the client's specifications, identify anomalies, and propose preventive or corrective actions.
Hospital Cleaning Agent
These professionals handle routine cleaning in healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, medical offices, nursing homes, nurseries, etc.). They are well-versed in decontamination, disinfection, and bio-cleaning protocols, as well as processes related to different risk zones. They handle cleaning equipment such as trapeze mops, wipes, and disinfectant detergents.
Crime Scene Cleaner
Often overlooked, yet playing an essential role in processing and resolving criminal cases. This job demands technical expertise, strong emotional resilience, and unwavering adherence to protocols and regulations. Crime scene cleaners primarily aim to restore sites after natural, accidental, or criminal deaths, preserving crucial evidence for police investigations while sanitizing the environment to mitigate health risks.
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Which positions are most demanded in Luxembourg?

When it comes to identifying the most demanded positions in a specific field in Luxembourg, the best references are sector studies conducted by the Ministry of Labour (MT) and the National Employment Agency (ADEM), which address various sectors of the economy. However, there are no sector studies specifically dedicated to the cleaning industry since it is a cross-sectional area typically associated with various sectors of the economy within support or other areas.

Furthermore, obtaining precise statistics on the most demanded jobs in the cleaning sector is a significant challenge due to several factors. The diverse industries requiring cleaning services, from offices to hospitals and hotels, complicate the collection of uniform data. Additionally, many cleaning jobs are carried out through informal hiring or subcontracting, making it difficult to track labor demand. High turnover rates are also a significant issue in this field, with employees frequently entering and exiting due to the physically demanding nature of the work and lack of job incentives, further complicating accurate tracking of labor demand over time.

Nevertheless, as we observed at the beginning of the article when examining the landscape of cleaning jobs in Luxembourg, it is evident that the cleaning sector as a whole is well-represented in the country compared to other European countries, indicating a strong job supply and numerous opportunities.

Luxembourg establishments recruiting caregivers

If you're interested in the healthcare field and wondering where to find caregiver jobs in Luxembourg, we've got you covered. In this section, we'll explore the top job portals and examine the best places to find employment opportunities in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg establishments recruiting in the cleaning sector

Atalian Global Services Luxembourg
Atalian is a leading multiservice provider in Europe, offering comprehensive services across various business lines including cleaning, technical maintenance, facility management, reception, security, green spaces, hygiene, and construction.
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Privilege Services
Privilege Services has been offering services since 2012 in various areas such as domestic personnel, domestic services, domestic staff training, concierge and private assistance, and services for professionals.
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WISAG Luxembourg
WISAG provides comprehensive technical and infrastructure services for commercial, infrastructure, and residential properties including facility management, technical building maintenance, building cleaning, security, and services.
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Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
The public sector requires a wide range of professions including cleaning professionals.
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Compass Group Luxembourg
Compass Group has been a market leader in Luxembourg since 1982, offering services to businesses and individuals in areas including cleaning, among others.
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Onet Luxembourg
Onet is the French leader in corporate services, particularly in cleaning and multiservice domains.
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City of Luxembourg
The municipal administration of Luxembourg City requires various professions including cleaning professionals.
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Located in Bertrange, Genesa offers cleaning services for both individuals and professionals, covering offices, residences, buildings, and parking areas among others.
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Job portals

For comprehensive market research on job opportunities, the internet proves to be an invaluable resource. Numerous job portals host thousands of job listings, allowing users to filter by industry, location, educational requirements, or necessary work experience.

Among the international portals are (the European Union's portal),,,,, and

For local opportunities in Luxembourg, prominent portals include,,, and Each portal offers a unique set of opportunities, allowing you to tailor your job search to your preferences and career goals.

Freelance and interim work as a caregiver in Luxembourg

In the cleaning sector, working independently is quite common, especially in domestic cleaning. This is primarily because individuals often prefer the flexibility of setting their own schedules and choosing their clients. Additionally, independent cleaners can tailor their services to meet the specific needs of each household, providing a more personalized cleaning experience.

While freelance work may not be prevalent in the corporate cleaning sector, temporary work is a prominent arrangement. Temporary positions are common in cleaning companies, particularly for filling short-term staffing needs or addressing seasonal fluctuations in demand. Cleaning companies often hire temporary workers to cover employee absences, handle special projects, or manage workload spikes during busy periods.

Some advantages and disadvantages of working through temporary agencies include:
Temporary workers can adapt their schedules to suit their needs, providing them with a greater work-life balance.
Temporary assignments offer opportunities to gain experience in different environments and industries, enhancing skill sets and broadening professional horizons.
Temporary contracts often have quicker hiring processes, allowing workers to secure employment more swiftly than with permanent positions.
Temporary roles can serve as stepping stones to permanent positions within the company, providing avenues for career advancement.
Temporary workers may face uncertainty regarding the duration of their employment, leading to financial insecurity.
Temporary employees often receive fewer benefits such as healthcare coverage, paid time off, and retirement plans compared to permanent staff.
Temporary contracts may end abruptly, leaving workers without income or job security.
Temporary positions may offer fewer opportunities for skill development and career advancement compared to permanent roles with training and development programs.

What else can you read on the topic of employment in Luxembourg?

You will find a variety of articles on job search, career development, and workplace culture in our dedicated section of the Blog. Check it out.

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Salaries in the cleaning sector in Luxembourg in 2024

Having explored various aspects of the caregiving profession, we now turn to a Given the diversity of areas within which one can work, the presence of specialized professions such as hospital cleaning, as well as the influence of experience, the salary range varies greatly. However, for a very general idea, Paylab provides a salary range for the sector. According to their data, the salary range in the cleaning sector in Luxembourg averages from 1,727 euros minimum to 3,859 euros maximum.

Wage one can count on

The salary range for cleaning professionals in Luxembourg typically spans from 1,727 euros (average minimum wage) to 3,859 euros (average highest median salary).

What papers do you need as a foreigner?

For European nationals, the process of working in Luxembourg is relatively straightforward, given the freedom to live and work in any European country. However, navigating the paperwork becomes essential if you are not a European national.

The requirements vary based on your circumstances, distinguishing between employed and self-employed roles. Additionally, familial situations, such as having a Luxembourgish or European partner, can impact the process.

Common documents and prerequisites typically include:Common documents and prerequisites typically include:
Collect the documents
These are the first basic documents one might need to apply for a work permit and temporary authorisation to stay.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
Two fully completed Schengen visa application forms
Two recent identical passport photos
A copy of the passport
Proof of accommodation
An employment contract
Payment of the applicable visa fee
Collect the documents
These are the first basic documents one might need to apply for a work permit and temporary authorisation to stay.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
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