Welcome meetings for parents and kids in schools in Luxembourg

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Welcome meetings present an opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet school staff, ask questions and familiarise themselves with the school setting. These meetings are created to make expats in Luxembourg and other newcomers feel welcomed (hence the name), and answer any questions they might have on the process face to face.

In this article, we will explain to you, what should you expect at these welcome meetings and how they are arranged in schools in Luxembourg.

How welcome meetings are organized

The welcome meeting is a part of the enrollment process in the Luxembourgish school for kids, who transfer to a new education place. For example, such meetings are an essential part of the onboarding for expat kids, who come to live in Luxembourg with their parents.

Usually, such a welcome meeting is initiated by the education facility after you apply your documents to a new school.

Wellcome meetings are usually arranged in the following manner.

You submit documents to the municipality when you register, including your children's documents.

The municipality contacts the Department of Education and sends the documents to the school located in this commune and to which the child is assigned.

After the school receives the new student's documents, the head or representative of the school (sometimes the teacher of the class where the child will be studying) contacts the parents.

The family will be invited to meet at a convenient time at the school to have their children's knowledge evaluated, as well as to attend a welcome meeting.

At the appointed time, parents meet with the teacher at the school to discuss important questions about the child's school placement and ask questions.

Kids are welcome to attend a welcome meeting with you. This way they will see the new school in a stress-free atmosphere and get acquainted with the teacher, building, and sometimes even the class, that they will attend.

What information will you receive at a welcome meeting

The future teacher of the kids or other school representatives will onboard you to the process of receiving education in Luxembourg. There are a few levels of education, called cycles, and each of them has different subjects and even language preparation that is necessary for successful studies.

More information about school education in Luxembourg can be found in one of our articles in the Knowlege Library — Luxembourg schools: how does the school education system work.

It is common for schools to provide an overview of their educational program, teaching methods and the support services available to students. In addition, parents may be given details of any communication channels, such as online platforms or regular newsletters, through which they can stay informed about their child's progress and school-related updates.

There are a few topics that will be covered during the welcome meeting in Luxembourgish school:

School curriculum, study program, timetable of the classes or extracurricular activities;

After-school activities and care for children, that are available in school: maison relais, foyer scolaire, buses that take children to school and home;

How school works, who works there, and who will be teaching children;

What school appliances and books are necessary for children to study, is there any uniform, when are school holidays;

How the school communicates with parents, which channels of communication and support are available;

Any other additional information surrounding the process of education.

The real experience of one of our readers, that she shared with us in one of our interviews about the enrollment of the kids to the school:


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What is a welcome meeting in school in Luxembourg

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