How to obtain a criminal record certificate in Luxembourg

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Navigating the legal and administrative procedures in a new country can be daunting. One such procedure that both residents and expatriates in Luxembourg may encounter is obtaining a criminal record certificate. This article provides a clear, step-by-step guide to understanding and acquiring a criminal record certificate in Luxembourg.

If you need a criminal record certificate to apply for a Luxembourg residence permit, you will have to request it from the country of your latest residence. Read more in our dedicated article — Documents to collect in the home country.

What is a criminal record certificate

A criminal record certificate, known as an "extrait de casier judiciaire" in Luxembourg, is an official document summarizing an individual's criminal history. This includes any convictions, penalties, or other legal issues the person may have encountered.

It's important to understand the distinction between a criminal record certificate from your home country and one from Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg certificate only includes offenses committed in Luxembourg or those recognized by Luxembourg's legal system. In contrast, a certificate from your home country typically covers offenses committed within that country's jurisdiction.

Keep in mind, that sentences handed down in one EU Member State are automatically transmitted to the Member State of nationality. The European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS) is a system that facilitates the exchange of criminal records information between EU countries. Its main purpose is to enhance security by providing authorities with efficient access to details of convictions in other states.

Types of criminal records available for request in Luxembourg

There are three main types of criminal records, containing information about a person's legal history, available for request by natural persons in Luxembourg.

Record 3

It details a person's criminal convictions, excluding certain minor offenses such as short jail sentences, small fines, multiple fines under a certain limit, and community service sentences.

Record 4

Usually supplements record no. 3 with information on driving disqualifications, which are primarily intended to assess a person's driving record. It may be requested by the individual or an authorized third party

Record 5

Focuses on convictions related to acts against or involving minors. It lists convictions for crimes against children and disqualifications from activities involving regular contact with minors.

When you need to provide a criminal record certificate

A criminal record certificate is one of the documents often required in various processes. Luxembourg criminal record might be needed in the following situations:

Job applications, especially for positions involving work with vulnerable individuals such as children or the elderly and certain professions

Citizenship or permanent residency applications

Legal proceedings, where such certificate may serve as evidence

License applications, such as a firearms license

The criminal record certificate is issued free of charge in Luxembourg.

How to obtain a criminal record certificate in Luxembourg

The certificate can be requested either in person in Luxembourg or remotely. To request such a certificate, you must be:

at least 18 years old,

natural person,

Luxembourg national, or

foreign national residing in Luxembourg, eligible for criminal record.

When you need to request a criminal record certificate in Luxembourg, you will follow a certain procedure. Here's a step-by-step guide to obtaining a criminal record certificate in Luxembourg.

Prepare your This might be an identity card, a passport, or a residence permit.

Request the criminal record certificate

There are several ways to do so.

If you need a criminal record urgently, you might just visit the Criminal Records Department (Service du casier judiciaire) in person and make your application on the spot. The department is located in the Ville-Haute.

Address: Bâtiment BC, Cité judiciaire, Ville-Haute Luxembourg

Phone: (+352) 475 981 23 46



Working hours: from 8.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

If you want to request a criminal record remotely, you can do so via email, Guichet, or ordinary post services. Keep in mind that the paper will arrive in your mailbox at the address of your registration, and it might take a few days.

To do so, send a scan/copy of your identity papers and an application to the Criminal Records Department. If applying on behalf of someone else, a signed authorization is required.

Receive your certificate

Depending on the chosen method of application, you can expect a processing time of around a week, although most of the time few days will suffice. You will receive the document in the mailbox at your registration address.

The criminal record certificate will be issued in French.

If you need to use the certificate outside of Luxembourg, you may need to get it officially translated and authenticated. You can find more information on the process of document translation in our dedicated article.


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