Courses for legal secretaries open in Luxembourg

Courses for legal secretaries open in Luxembourg

The annual courses for legal secretaries were again launched by Initiativ Rëm Schaffen in cooperation with the national unemployment portal ADEM. Every year, about 10 participants undergo training for 4 months to step into this profession.

Legal secretaries provide administrative assistance: they print the necessary legal documents, transcribe audio recordings of meetings and agreements, submit requests on behalf of a lawyer or a notary.

Many of the participants quickly find their place in this field after the courses. Law firms and notaries are always looking for qualified and motivated legal secretaries.

For 16 weeks, participants learn the basics of working in a modern office. For example, Word, Excel, phone call etiquette and time management principles. As well as the subtleties of the work of a secretary within the legal market.

To enroll in legal secretary courses, you must have completed high school or vocational education. People with prior experience in legal or administrative work are also accepted. Participants need to know French on at least C1 level. Knowledge of English, German and Luxembourgish will be a big benefit.

You can learn more about the courses and read the testimonials of prior participants in this booklet by Initiativ Rëm Schaffen online.