Germany and Luxembourg could face labour shortages

The number of workers in Germany, which currently stands at around 47 million, will soon stop growing and then start falling, researchers in Germany have found. If the government does not take steps to modernise immigration law, there will be a 7% drop in the number of workers, or 3 million people, within 10 years.

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The government is already on record as being in favour of such measures. The problem, however, is that the number of migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe is in rapid decline. The standard of living there is approaching that of Germany, and fewer and fewer people are willing to leave their homeland. Attracting skilled workers from outside Europe is therefore seen as a solution in Germany.

Luxembourg is also facing an acute shortage of skilled workers. The sales and service sectors are particularly affected. In order to solve this problem, the Grand Duchy is preparing a draft law that would allow the families of expatriates to obtain a work permit more quickly. A simplified residence permit system for refugees is another initiative.