Luxair recruits pilots for training

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Luxair recruits pilots for training

In September, Luxair Airlines opened new enrollment for its Pilot Cadet Program. This is a special program for cadets who want to start learning how to pilot aircraft. In fact, anyone can become a pilot — the requirements are minimal and fair.

At the beginning of the training, young cadets are offered lectures and simulator training. After that, students move into the field and gain real flying experience. Students in the Pilot Cadet Program have a real chance of becoming Luxair employees in the future. The training is designed to provide all the necessary knowledge to produce highly qualified candidates.

The training lasts 18 months and will start in 2024. The application process is open until October 15, 2023. The program is fully financed by Luxair, and no investment is required from the students.

The list of eligibility requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • secondary education and be qualified for university entrance;
  • right to live and work in the EU;
  • no criminal record;
  • a valid EASA class 1 medical;
  • fluent in English;
  • height from 157 to 193 cm;
  • ability to swim.

Fill out the application form on the official program page to try your luck and learn to fly a commercial aircraft.

Luxair is the largest airline in the Grand Duchy. The company is growing and developing, serving thousands of passengers every day and opening up new destinations to its customers.

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