Maison de l'orientation will help you find a job for free

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Maison de l'orientation will help you find a job for free

Maison de l’orientation opened on rue Aldringen yesterday, on September 27. After moving to a new location from la place de l’Étoile, this center aims to help anyone who needs vocational or educational guidance.

There are five windows in the Maison de l’orientation. The creators of this center call the main one “a window to the world of work and training”. Those who apply through this window will be interviewed. And according to the interview results, specialists will help you choose and find a job. The national job portal ADEM helps the center in this aspect. Career guidance aims to help as many visitors find jobs as possible.

The second window will help youth find part-time jobs, internships and other early career opportunities. Three more windows focus on education for children and adults.

All visitors of the Maison de l’orientation will also have access to the Career Information Center (BIZ). Inside it there’s multimedia space, an extensive library and training programs. And after passing tests on professional interests, users can get help in career guidance.

The center provides all assistance free of charge.

You can learn more about the work of the center online.

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