Seasonal work in the vineyards to resume soon

The national employment agency ADEM and the Institut viti-vinicole have joined forces to organize seasonal work in the vineyards of the Grand Duchy.

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As in previous years, the ADEM and the IVV have set up a service for winegrowers to recruit seasonal harvesters. The ADEM looks for candidates, while the IVV works with the wineries. In this way, the two organizations share the responsibility and speed up the time it takes for the grape pickers to get to work.

There are already some results: on Friday, July 28th, the Luxembourg wineries will have a personal meeting with the already selected candidates. During the meeting, they will answer each other's questions and get to know each other better for future work.

This is just the first step, timed to coincide with the start of the harvest season. ADEM will continue to select candidates throughout the summer.