Another migration crisis awaits EU due to worldwide food shortages

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Another migration crisis awaits EU due to worldwide food shortages

Due to the continuing war in Ukraine people all around the globe face more and more severe food shortages. This may trigger a new migration crisis and bring another wave of migrants to the EU, says Frontex executive director Aija Kalnaja.

According to Kalnaja, the European Union managed to successfully integrate the previous wave of Ukrainian migrants. But more refugees might be brought to Europe soon in the wake of food shortages.

Ukraine is one of the world’s biggest grain exporters. Now that it’s at war, with about 20 million tons of grain blocked by Russian forces in the bay of the Black Sea, it can’t trade with other countries. Africa has already felt this, as the grain shortages have become common. And even the markets that still receive the grain, like the Middle East, have seen a significant price raise.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson is also working against the possible crisis. Recently she’s stated that the European Union is starting a partnership with Niger to battle illegal migration. Right now the African republic is a bustling transit spot for illegal refugees.

Right now there are about 3,5 million Ukrainian migrants and refugees in the EU countries. The Temporary Protection Directive helped to successfully integrate these people into their temporary new homes. Overall 6,7 million Ukrainian migrants have crossed the border of the European Union since February. And since then 3 million of them have returned home.

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