Which documents you need if you move with children

This article outlines the list of documents – both necessary and additional, that you might need to make your first steps in the country easier when moving with kids

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Those who move to Luxembourg with children encounter a lot of paperwork at first. Before moving to a new country, it is recommended to collect all the necessary documents in advance: this way it will be easier to get settled in and register when you arrive. There are some documents that will be essential and others that you should take with you for different situations. Let's see what are they.

Basic essential documents

Which papers are needed depends largely on the grounds on which an expat is moving to the Grand Duchy.

Generally, there are five types of documents required for most matters — passports, certificates, an apostilled criminal record certificate, health records and medical documents. However, you can ask the embassy for an up-to-date list of documents for your specific situation.

An apostilled criminal record certificate
Medical records

Additional documents you might need

These are official documents that are not obligatory for relocation, but which can still come in handy in Luxembourg depending on the situation. For example, if you are relocating for work, you might need some additional papers according to your employer's request.

Employment documents
Employment history or contracts
Unique number documents
Education documents
Power of Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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