Cannabis will be legalized this Friday, July 21

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Cannabis will be legalized this Friday, July 21

The legalization of cannabis, not only for medical purposes but also for personal use, is a long-awaited event in Luxembourg. And the first steps will be taken this Friday, July 21, 2023. It is on this day that the permit law will enter into force. Let's recall the main regulations of the government document.

  1. It is legal to grow cannabis at home

    Up to 4 bushes of the plant may be kept and grown at home.

  2. Reduced fines for possession

    If the police arrest a person with less than 3 grams of cannabis, he or she may not be punished at all. The decision is made by the prosecutor's office.

  3. Consumption is allowed but limited

    Smoking cannabis in public places is still not allowed, but it can be done at home. The main rule is that it should not be done in the presence of minors.

This is the first stage of legalization, which essentially decriminalizes the possession and use of small amounts of cannabis. The government's next step will be to establish and develop an official cannabis production and distribution network.

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Source: RTL

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