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15 best burger places in Luxembourg

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Would you like a classic fast-food snack? Don't settle for ordinary burgers from restaurant chains. Instead, try the unusual combinations of ingredients and juicy patties. In this article, we'll explore some of the best burger restaurants and cafés in Luxembourg.

Burger spots in the city

In the city of Luxembourg, renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, burger enthusiasts can find a surprising array of establishments that cater to their cravings.

Buvette, Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne, Romain Gamba/Maison Moderne

Address: 3 Place des Rotondes, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 2662 2040


The first on the list is a burger restaurant located in the cultural centre of Rotondes. Buvette is a charming restaurant with an outdoor terrace. One of the unique features of Buvette is that its menu changes seasonally and monthly. Each month, the chef adds a new burger to the menu, providing customers with new options to try. You can check out the burger of this month on the menu, which is available online.

The burgers at Buvette cost around 13 euros. The Rotondes burger, which costs only 11 euros, is the speciality of the restaurant. This burger is filled with grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, and homemade ketchup, making it a perfect option for burger lovers.

Buvette restaurant is very vegan-friendly, and you can easily find vegan options on the menu, marked with the letter V.

The restaurant is open Monday from 11:00 to 23:00, Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 01:00, Saturday from 14:00 to 01:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00.

You can order food from Buvette using WeDely website.

Café Bel Air, Serge Molitor, Serge Molitor

Address: 99 Val Ste. Croix, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 38 37 61

Facebook page:

In this high-ranking place, it’s possible to combine burgers with wine tasting. The café is famous for its variety of spirits, so you can have a tasty meal with a glass of some beverage. Try a Charly burger with 200 gr of beef, grilled vegetables, and cheese! The prices in Café Bel Air vary from 17 to 26 euros.

The menu is based on meat burgers, but veggie options are available as well. Also, you can get gluten-free bread for 1 euro added to the cost of a burger.

However, the seats are limited, so we suggest booking in advance! If the place is full, and you have no reservation, you can try Ginger Head burger restaurant from the same owner. Both places are not low-cost, but definitely worth trying!

The restaurant is open Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30 to 15:00 for lunch and from 17:30 to 23:00 for dinner, and Friday from 11:30 to 23:00.


Address: 21-25 Allée Scheffer, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 27 40 21 25


It’s a burger place that combines the best burgers of Luxembourg with amazing parties — you can head to the dance floor straight from the table! There are regular DJ sets to liven up your night out. You are expected to book in advance, and there is a possibility to reserve a VIP table for every clubbing event.

The food and snacks in Hitch are steeped in Japanese flavours, and even the burgers are served in Japanese milk buns. The falafel is paired with tahini, arugula, and pickles, while the chicken patty burger is accompanied by coleslaw and mayonnaise with green onions and black garlic. You can have a look at the menu here. The average price for one of the lux burgers is 17 to 18 euros.

Hitch is open on Monday & Tuesday from 12:00 to 00:00, Wednesday & Thursday from 12:00 to 01:00, Friday from 12:00 to 03:00, Saturday from 18:00 to 03:00.If you want to eat at Hitch, the kitchen is open 12:00–14:00 & 18:00–22:00 from Monday to Friday and 18:00–22:00 on Saturday.

Lux'burgers, Daniel Reche, Daniel Reche

Address: 17 Rue de Bonnevoie, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 28 37 19 84

Facebook page:

This small family-run burger café is now at the top of a restaurant list in Luxemburg City on TripAdvisor. Reviews are excellent, so it's not easy to book a place! The menu of Lux’burgers features a variety of international recipes. For 19.90 euros, you can try a Greek-themed burger Achilles with homemade hummus galette, Feta cheese, grilled eggplant, and a Sauce That Makes You Travel.

Prices for other burgers are the same, except for a new Gino burger, which is 20.90 euros. You get an Italian-themed beef burger with Camembert Di Bufala, coppa, dried tomatoes in olive oil, and a Sauce That Rejuvenates Arteries.

Yes, you get it right, — all the sauces in this place have special names! Spend a meal guessing what’s in yours!

They are open Monday to Thursday from 11:45 to 14:15, on Friday from 11:45 to 14:15 and from 18:45 to 21:15.

Delivery of burgers and beverages is available via Wedely website. Enjoy!

Mr. Dixon

Address: 5 Rue des Bains, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 27 99 91 91

Facebook page:

This place is one of the best burger restaurants in Luxembourg based on its popularity among locals. The American-style restaurant offers top-notch burgers and cold beer. The service is splendid as well. However, the menu is not available online, so you will have to visit Mr. Dixon yourself to discover its secrets.

A tip from a local: try a California Burger for 11.50 euros!

Mr. Dixon is open Tuesday to Friday from 11:00 to 01:00, and on Saturday from 17:00 to 01:00.


Address: 15 rue Dicks, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 49 84 31


If you want to combine a burger with cheering for your favorite team, this place is definitely for you! Crossfire is a good place to watch the match broadcast in the company of other fans. Be ready to enjoy such specialities of the house as burgers named 'Valhalla' and 'Frida'. By the way, 10% of the price you pay for Frida burger is donated to Frida Fund, which is a Young Feminist Fund. The full menu list can be found here.

There are vegetarian options: you can try a Halloumi burger (17 euros) with beer-pickled onions, house ranch sauce and halloumi cheese. Another option to consider is a Falafel burger with cheddar.

Crossfire is open Monday & Tuesday from 17:00 to 00:00, Wednesday & Thursday from 12:00 to 00:00, Friday & Saturday from 12:00 to 01:00, and Sunday from 12:00 to 23:00.

Oscar's Bar

Address: 9 Bisserweg, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 20 30 15

The website:

A classic, spicy and vegetarian burger menu awaits visitors to this bar. They have rare toppings to choose from including guacamole, mould cheese, fried egg, fried red onion, and more.

The average price for a burger is 16 euros, and it’s possible to take a sneak peek on their website.

The opening hours of Oscars Bar are from 12:00 to 00:00 Monday to Saturday, and from 12:00 to 21:00 on Sunday.

Contact the place for information about takeaway and delivery.


Snooze Facebook page
Snooze Facebook page

Address: 27 Rue Philippe II, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 20 33 31


This is another sports bar in the centre of Luxembourg. Here you have a wide choice of beef, chicken and fish burgers. Snooze also suggests a terrific selection of sauces and side dishes!

The prices for beef burgers start at 16 euros and go up to 28.50 euros. You can see the full menu list on Snooze’s website.

Vegetarians may decide on either Parmesan, potato or vegetable patty as main toppings.

Snooze is open Monday to Thursday from 11:00 to 23:00, Friday & Saturday from 11:00 to 00:00 and Sunday from 11:00 to 22:00.

It is possible to order online on Wedely.

Urban Bar

TripAdvisor, Urban
TripAdvisor, Urban

Address: 2 Rue de la Boucherie, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 47 85 78


A rather new place on the restaurant map of Luxembourg is definitely worth a visit. Here one can enjoy a unique selection of products brought together for a magnificent taste. For instance, consider trying a Super Cheese Smashburger with two patties and cheddar in a brioche bun, garnished with jalapeño fries, cheddar, guacamole and cream.

The average price for a burger is 19 euros. Get a sneak peek at the menu via this link.

There are options for vegetarians too. You may get a veggie burger made with quinoa chickpea & beetroot patty, sweet potato crisps, and guacamole.

Urban Bar is open Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 01:00, Friday & Saturday from 10:00 to 03:00.

Check Wedely for delivery options.

Perfect places for vegans

Luxembourg is a culinary destination that caters to all dietary preferences, including the ever-growing demand for vegan options. Embracing a plant-based lifestyle has never been easier in this country, as a delightful array of burger joints cater to vegans with an impressive selection of tempting and creative offerings.


Address: 26 Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 20 13 75


It’s a perfect burger place for vegans! Here the vegetable patties are seasoned with vegan mayonnaise, cheese and bio-ketchup, pesto and homemade fermented chilli peppers. This variety of tastes is served on white or brown organic buns.

This place is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 to 21:30.

Indie’s Cafe


Address: 6 Boulevard F-D Roosevelt, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 27 47 87 78


You can try organic burgers and craft beer right in the centre of the capital! The restaurant offers a vegan and organic menu: some specialities include the Bronx Burger with bacon and Gouda and the Popeye with quinoa burger, vegan cheese and fresh spinach leaves.

The price for burgers is affordable, you pay 14 euros per one on average.

Visit Indie’s Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 23:00, Friday from 07:30 to 00:00, and Saturday from 11:30 to 00:00. Their kitchen is open for lunch between 11:30 and 15:30 and between 18:00 and 21:30 for dinner.

From America with … Burgers!

For people seeking an authentic taste of the United States, Luxembourg offers a variety of burger places that capture the essence of American cuisine. From juicy patties to perfectly melted cheese, these establishments bring the spirit of American burger joints to the heart of Europe.

Five Guys


Address: 55 Av. de la Gare, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 28 12 84 21


This is the only fast-food chain restaurant on the list, which is very different from competitors. The focus here is on hot sauces and condiments with the atmosphere of the Southern states. We recommend trying a burger or a kosher hot dog, served with crispy Cajun-style fries.

The place is open every day from 11:30 to 23:00.

The menu and delivery are available online on Wedely.

Burger places outside of Luxembourg City

There are still plenty of good restaurants, even when you leave the capital of the Grand Duchy. In this bonus section, we share places, where you can have a good meal in different Luxembourgish communes.

Flux, Valeria Boltneva, Valeria Boltneva

Address: 5 Boussertrooss, Hierheck, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 88 95 43

Facebook page:

Visit this unique place on your road trip across the country! Flux offers beef patties from the Black Angus breed, as well as vegetarian dishes. Every month there is a list of five to six specials, which you can see on their Facebook page.

In summer, the restaurant's food truck frequently visits the beaches of Ensenborn.

The price range is between 9 and 15 euros. Find your perfect burger here.

Flux is open every day from 11:00 to 15:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00.

Lou's Diner

The LuxLife
The LuxLife

Address: 2 Rue Grevenmaacher, Beidweiler, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 26 78 21 96

Facebook page:

It is a retro American diner serving 100% beef patties in crispy white buns. This low-key place serves food with homemade sauces and crispy fries. The restaurant has summer and winter terraces for you to enjoy a quick meal on your journey.

Be sure to bring cash with you, this burger restaurant might not accept cards.

Their opening hours are 12:00–21:00 Wednesday to Saturday and 15:00 to 21:00 on Sunday.


Address: 115a Rue Emile Mark, Differdange, Luxembourg

Phone: +352 27 40 15 35


Be sure you have this place on your route when going to France next time! In this brasserie not so far from the French border, you can find a variety of lux burgers. If you are a fan of spicy salami, choose the Minett burger with cheddar, lettuce and special sauce. For vegetarians, there's a more sophisticated alternative, the Beyond Burger with mozzarella, pickled onions, pickled pears and guacamole. Come to the local terrace—or order home delivery!

Lunch deal for burgers is 11.30 euros; prices on the main menu start from 15.50 euros for a hamburger and go up to 19.50 euros. Check a full menu list on their website.

Visit the brasserie Tuesday to Friday & Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 22:00, and Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00.

Check delivery options at Wedely.


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