Celebrate Halloween at Luxembourg's new Brasserie Abtei brewery

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Celebrate Halloween at Luxembourg's new Brasserie Abtei brewery

The Brasserie Abtei (Beer Abbey) brewery opened in Grund. It’s the new brewery of the Neumünster Abbey. Visitors will find a unique beer list, a menu with great snacks and dishes, elegant decor and an excellent cultural program.

The brewery could have opened last summer, but didn’t because of a disasterous flooding in the abbey.

Now everything is ready for the grand opening: a renovated bar area, a stage and a special table for musicians, even a direct passage from the brewery to the abbey itself.

During the day on weekdays, lunch is available at low prices: 20.5 euros for two courses, 26.5 for three. And in the permanent menu reside all the classics of Luxembourg: kniddelen, cordon blue, chicken meat pies, Chateaubriand steak, seafood risotto and many others.

The bar serves beers, fine wines and a variety of cocktails. We recommend Jungle 2019 by Château Pauqué and La 50/50 by Anne Gros and Jean-Paul Tollot.

As previously said, Brasserie Abtei has its own cultural program for the end of October:

  • Concert of the Ukrainian electro-acoustic ensemble DZ’OB (October 19);
  • Dystopian play «Ersatz» staged by the theater group «GEM» (October 23);
  • A big holiday for the whole family before Halloween, workshops for children, magic shows, treats and much more (October 30).

The creators of the brewery believe that a varied program and excellent drinks will attract visitors. If you suddenly want to visit the abbey, Brasserie Abtei is located at Neimënster: 28, rue Münster, Luxembourg (Grund).

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