Claude Turmes talks on Europe's achievements in energy saving

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Claude Turmes talks on Europe's achievements in energy saving

The Grand Duchy's Minister of Energy spoke about the results of the year that's coming to a close. Luxembourg has managed to achieve 30% natural gas savings. On average in Europe, this index is at around 20% level, which is still a third higher than the declared 15%.

Even despite the shortage of gas, the storage facilities still remain full. The Minister believes that this is a great achievement of all citizens who have begun to use resources more wisely.

Things are going well with electricity as well. Although the main capacities of French nuclear power plants are still disconnected from the network, the French are faring well in this difficult situation. The cold week of December was especially indicative of this.

In general, Claude Turmes drew attention to how competent optimization and small cost reductions in different areas can produce impressive results. He also noted that saving resources could have started much earlier. However, until February 2022, no one thought that such a need would arise.

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