Easter is this weekend

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Фото: Gabe Pierce, Unsplash

Фото: Gabe Pierce, Unsplash

Easter is a unique holiday because it is equally popular among the religious population and those who are indifferent to religion. In Luxembourg, this day is particularly interesting.

In 2024, Easter falls on March 31. The following day, April 1, is called Easter Monday and is considered a holiday. At this time, almost all public and entertainment institutions, shops, cinemas, etc. will be closed.

To learn more about holidays in Luxembourg, please consult our special guide — Luxembourg national holidays: bank holidays and traditions.

Where to go for Easter

The two days leading up to the Easter weekend are a special time for believers. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are days of fasting when no meat is to be eaten.

Tomorrow, March 30, prayer services will be held in churches across the country. They symbolize the time of waiting for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And we think it's a good time to get to know the cathedrals of Luxembourg, if you haven't already.

There are many beautiful churches in Luxembourg worth visiting during Easter.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Located in the heart of Luxembourg City and famous for its Gothic architecture and stunning stained glass windows.

St. Michael's Church

Located in the city of Luxembourg and famous for its beautiful frescoes and intricate altarpiece.

St. Martin's Church

Located in Dudelange, it is popular for its beautiful stained glass windows and impressive organ.

Also worth a visit

  • The church of Saint Willibrord in Esch-sur-Alzette.
  • Church of St. Nicholas in Clairvaux.
  • Church of St. Lawrence in Diekirch.

Easter Traditions

Sunday is the most important day for Christians because it is the day they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A common practice is to attend mass, where you can receive a gift in the form of a decorated egg, symbolizing the renewal of life.

But the church is not the only place to get eggs. They are also obtained during the "hunt". At Easter, many families hide colored eggs (sometimes chocolate eggs are used instead of chicken eggs) around the house or in the yard. And children, and sometimes adults, search for them with excitement. The winner is the one who finds the most eggs in the allotted time.

This tradition is not unique to Luxembourg and can be found in many other European countries.

No less interesting is the Éimaischen festival in the capital. This is a traditional event that takes place after the main celebrations, on Easter Monday. Éimaischen is a small fair where you can buy clay bird figurines called Péckviller.

Of course, most residents will celebrate the holiday with their families. Some will leave the country, others will just visit for a gala dinner. The main thing is to have moments of unity and spiritual harmony.

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