Extreme heat warning in the south of Luxembourg

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Extreme heat warning in the south of Luxembourg

MeteoLux regularly monitors potential weather threats and issues warnings to citizens and visitors. This Tuesday, July 11, the southern regions will experience record temperatures. The air will heat up to +35°C.

The heat wave is expected from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. During this time, it is recommended not to go outside unless it is absolutely necessary, try to stay in the shade and always have drinking water with you.

In the evening of the same day, the country may be hit by a new thunderstorm caused by heat flows.

Heatwave in Europe

Meteorologists were already alarmed by the trend of increasing temperatures on the planet in the spring of this year. Analysis showed that the emission of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels is the main reason for the abnormal heat. They prevent the normal heat exchange of the planet by accumulating in the atmosphere.

The effects have been visible in recent years. For example, many regions are suffering from drought. France experienced a severe drought at the end of last year. Luxembourg broke all-time temperature records. In addition, almost all rivers have become shallower in the past year, including the Rhine, which was no longer navigable. The epidemiological situation in Luxembourg was aggravated by the rapid proliferation of cyanobacteria due to the shallowing of the Moselle.

This problem did not remain in the past. Meteorologists also noted temperature records at the beginning of the year. Temperatures in many countries confirmed that the abnormal heat was not an exception, but a trend, as experts had feared. Spain, for example, set a record for the season earlier this spring with temperatures of 30°C.

One of the latest temperature records was recorded on Monday, July 3. Then the average temperature on the planet reached 17.01° C, which is one degree higher than the previous record of 2016. Meteorologists have already called this event a "death sentence for people and ecosystems".

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