Five space startups to receive support in Luxembourg

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Five space startups to receive support in Luxembourg

The European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) announced back in 2021 the launch of the world's first program to support space development. This year, 5 projects have been selected to start their journey in the Luxembourg incubator.

Of course, not all companies will be able to receive full support. They will first have to go through a series of mentoring sessions and improve their technical and commercial performance in line with market conditions. At the end of the process, the winning company will be able to establish a business unit in Luxembourg.

If you want to learn more about space, startups, incubators, and competitions in space, read the interview with Alex Pospekhov, founder of Space Startup.

Who participates

These are the competitors:

  1. Moliri Space is an Estonian startup that proposes to build solar power plants from space resources. It aims to be used in both terrestrial and space-based industries.
  2. Open Moon is a Spanish company developing a digital cloud environment for lunar and space exploration instrument management, analysis, and data storage.
  3. Orbital Mining Corp. is a project from the United States. Its members have developed MoLISC, a modular battery that provides a lightweight and energy-efficient solution to meet the needs of electronic devices and subsystems.
  4. SolSys Mining is a company of enthusiasts from Norway who presented the Lunafolia project — an integrated system for lunar resource development and agriculture, including nutrient extraction, hydroponics, and plant waste recycling. With its help, it will be possible to reduce the costs of transporting resources to the satellite and facilitate human stay in space.
  5. We Space is an Israeli team that aims to develop autonomous flying robotic systems capable of traveling at high speeds on the Moon. These complexes will make it possible to advance the study of the celestial body.

If you are a startup founder looking to relocate to Luxembourg, read about real people's experiences in Daria Saltykova's interview.

These 5 organizations will now go through a 3-month incubation program to prove that their project is worthy of support and to beat the competition. All the candidates look as interesting and worthy as possible, so now it's just a matter of the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposals.

Luxembourg actively supports startups in various sectors. Recently, Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy, and Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation, summarized the results of Luxinnovations. Also, another interesting space startup was announced to have received support this spring.

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