Hunting season opens in Luxembourg

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Hunting season opens in Luxembourg

The hunting season started this Saturday, October 15. Hunting areas are marked by road signs. Dates and areas for the season are available on the website.

Be careful on forest roads. If you’ve stopped to let an animal cross the road, don’t start moving too fast: animals often roam in packs. If you’ve let the whole pack pass, wait a bit more still: perhaps a hunting dog is chasing after the animals.

If a collision with an animal is imminent, do not try to dodge it. Crashing into a tree or another car will be much more dangerous. Just brake as hard as you can to reduce the force of the impact.

If you hit an animal:

  • Turn on the hazard lights;
  • Wear a reflective vest;
  • Use traffic triangles as a border for the area around your car and the animal;
  • Call the police (113);
  • Don’t touch the animal! Whether it’s wounded or dead, doesn’t matter.

If the accident happened in Dudelange, you can also call the local Wildlife Conservation Center: +352 26 51 39 90.

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