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Bridel and Kopstal commune in Luxembourg

In this article we will explore the population, transportation, cultural and essential amenities, such as schools, parks and healthcare. Join us as we embark on this journey to unravel Bridel and Kopstal commune in Luxembourg.

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We will take you on a virtual tour of one of the most prominent municipalities in Luxembourg. If you are trying to decide where you want to live, try this series of articles to help you make up your mind, knowing all the details.

General characteristics of Kopstal

Welcome to the charming commune of Kopstal in Luxembourg, where two delightful towns, Bridel and Kopstal, reside in harmony. Bridel, the larger of the two, houses most of the commune's population, while its twin counterpart, Kopstal, rests peacefully in the adjacent valley. These green suburban havens offer a serene lifestyle just a short 15-minute drive away from the bustling heart of Luxembourg City.

The municipality of Kopstal is located in the district of Luxembourg and belongs to the canton of Capellen.

Population of Kopstal

The population of Kopstal, in the context of the entire Luxembourg country, is relatively small, but it has exhibited consistent and gradual growth over the years.

3,167 people
in 2013
4,286 people
in 2023

From 3,167 (0.59% of Luxembourg's total population) in 2013, the population has seen a positive trend, reaching 4,286 people (0.65% of Luxembourg's total population) in 2023. The commune is represented by different nationalities and expats from various countries.

Transport accessibility

Kopstal enjoys excellent transport accessibility, being in close proximity to the capital city.

By car
The journey takes approximately 15 minutes, making it a convenient option for commuters.
By bus
For those who opt for public transportation, several bus lines, including 901, 902, 903, and 921, efficiently connect Kopstal and Bridel to the city center of Luxembourg in around 25 minutes.
By bike
While cycling enthusiasts can also opt for this eco-friendly mode of travel, the distance requires a bit more courage, with an average biking time of around 40 minutes to reach the destination.

Renting and buying real estate

Prices in both Kopsal and Bridel are somewhat lower than in the capital for either buying or renting. And if we compare the two towns Kopsal is slightly cheaper than Bridel.

For buying the average price is

9,496 euros/m2
in Kopstal
10,284 euros/m2
in Bridel 

For renting the average price is

21.05 euros/m2
in Kopstal
22.61 euros/m2
in Bridel

In both cases for buying an amount significantly lower than the capital's average of 12,107 euros/m2. Likewise, for renting prices in both cases, the value is significantly lower than the capital's average of 30.11 euros/m2.

Infrastructure of the commune

Kopstal and Bridel offer a vibrant infrastructure that lays the foundation for a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle. From education and cultural centers to sports facilities, this charming commune caters to the diverse needs and interests of its residents.

While Kopstal and Bridel provide a host of amenities, for some needs, like high school institutions, universities or even big grocery stores residents may need to venture to neighboring towns or directly to the capital.

Living in Copstal: advantages and disadvantages

Prospective residents should consider the appeal of the community's tranquillity and natural beauty, while also assessing the convenience of daily necessities based on their personal transport situation.

Nestled amidst a serene landscape, the twin villages of Kopstal and Bridel offer a charming living experience.

Nestled in a valley, the town's tranquil streams and surrounding forests create an idyllic atmosphere.
Situated on the plateau, the town complements its residential appeal with a lively community life and easy access to Luxembourg city.

Living in these twin villages grants access to many essential amenities, alleviating the need to commute to the capital city for every necessity, except for big grocery stores, which can be found in nearby communities. 

While public transportation connects residents to Luxembourg City, those without personal vehicles may facemobility limitations. For car owners seeking a peaceful living environment amidst picturesque surroundings, Kopstal and Bridel could offer a highly appealing option, for those who are not driving a car, in contrast, it might be more appropriate to look for a place closer to the capital.

Pros and cons
Access to many essential amenities
public transportation connects residents to Luxembourg City
Peaceful living environment in the midst of picturesque surroundings and nature
No big grocery stores
Those without personal vehicles may facemobility limitations
For some needs, such as  universities, residents may need to travel to neighbouring towns or directly to the capital

What is there in the commune

Families will find an array of educational options, including schools, creches, and education centers, ensuring a nurturing environment for young minds to flourish. Cultural enthusiasts can indulge in the artistic offerings of the Kulturhaus, while nature lovers can explore the breathtaking hiking routes, nature spots, and playgrounds nestled amidst picturesque surroundings.

Precoce School Bridal Kopstal
Playgraund. Source: Spillplaz website
Source: Miesarch website
Schools, creches, and education in Bridel and Kopstal
Cultural Center in Kopstal
Healthcare in the commune
Bridel and Kopstal parks, nature places, and playground
Sports infrastructure
Shopping in Bridel and Kopstal

Historical overview

The name "Koplescht" originates from the Luxembourgish language, where "Koppel" referred to pastures and agricultural lands in the ancient Franconian language of the Moselle region. The suffix "scht" signifies a "disc" or "line of separation".

Interestingly, the River Le Mamer, flowing through the commune, served as the demarcation line between the parishes of Steinsel and Kehlen.

Church building in Luxembourg
Church building in Bridel. Photo: Luxembourg9b, CC BY-SA 3.0. This file is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


The rich history of the Kopstal commune dates back to its formation in July 1853 when it was established by incorporating territories from neighboring communes, namely Kehlen, Steinsel, and Luxembourg. Notably, Bridel was once part of the Steinsel commune before becoming an integral part of Kopstal.

Distinctive coat of arms

In 1982, the commune adopted a distinctive coat of arms, featuring a branch adorned with four leaves and four buds, set against a background divided equally between green and blue. This emblem symbolizes the flourishing basketry industry that thrived in Kopstal during the early 12th century, commemorating a significant aspect of its historical heritage.


Green havens offering a tranquil lifestyle within a 15-minute drive of the capital.

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