Luxembourg and the rankings. How the country stood out at 2022

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Luxembourg and the rankings. How the country stood out at 2022

Luxembourg is ranked among the top 20 countries in six categories for the first half of the year. Most of them have data for 2020, but there are also more recent summaries.

The rule of justice

The law is respected and honoured in Luxembourg. Unfortunately, the country's figures have been falling for five years in a row. However, it still manages to remain among the top 10 countries in the world. Luxembourg is ranked eighth after Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

World Talent Ranking

A job in Luxembourg is the dream of many people and with good reason. According to the 2022 results, the Grand Duchy ranks seventh in the global World Talent Ranking. Unfortunately, the country lost four positions over the year: in 2021, it was in third place.

Anti-corruption ranking

This is another ranking where Luxembourg has lost several positions. According to the non-governmental organization "Transparency International", the country ranked tenth last year in anti-corruption ranking. The first place is held by Denmark.

The happiness of the people

The dissatisfaction of its citizens and visitors is one thing Luxembourg cannot be blamed for. The Grand Duchy ranks a solid ninth in this list, behind Denmark, Island, the Netherlands and Finland, which is topped the list for six years in a row.

Competitiveness ranking

Unfortunately, Luxembourg's score in this ranking is not so outstanding, but still impressive. The country has lost seven places compared to last year and is now ranked 20th. In addition to the economic crisis, Luxembourg's fall is mainly due to a shortage of labour, housing problems, and a lack of accessible digital tools. These factors have a negative impact on the competitiveness of the Luxembourg economy.

A city for life

Of course, the list of best cities to live in couldn't miss the capital of the country with some of the happiest people on the planet. The 19th place and a result that is well deserved. Of course, Luxembourg does not rank as highly as cities such as Oslo, Vienna or Sydney. However, this is largely due to the general difficulties that the country is currently facing.

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